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 Tirisfal Valley; Stats

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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Wed Mar 02, 2011 5:31 am


Name: Cross
Pronounciation: Just
as it sounds.
Nickname(s): No
Gender: Female.
Age: 1 Year
Breed: Timber
Personality: Young,
timid, curious about her past and if it will affect her future

.Physical Analysis.
Height: 26" at
the shoulder.
Length: 5'3"
from toes to haunches.
Weight: 88 pounds.
Coat: pretty much all
white, but has a small hint of grey in her nape.

Eyes: Sky blue.
Build: Small, but
almost full grown, only has a few more inches left of growing.

.Social Data.
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Brothers: Unknown
Sisters: Unknown
Other Family: Unknown
Mate:: None yet
Offspring: None yet.

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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Mon Jun 21, 2010 1:19 am

Name: Haru
Gender: Male
Age: New Born
Breed: Grey Wolf
Personality: None at the moment (Puppy)
Eye Colour: Silver with Yellow Speckles
Pelt Colour: Grey & white
Form: Puppy
Height: Still growing
Weight: Still Growing
Parents:Bright Moon(mother) Father unknown
Siblings: To be Determined
Interest/s: Too young
Courting/Courted By: none
Mate: none
Whelps: Too Young
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Sat May 22, 2010 10:29 pm

Name: Storm Call.
Nickname/s: Fang.
Gender: Male.
Age: Three.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Personality: Larger than most males. Well muscles and large bones. Well trained in fighting, but loves his sisters and always tends to family and friends over his own needs.
Eye Colour: Yellow.
Pelt Colour: White.
Height: 4'3"
Weight: 190.
Parents: Rose Bud and Rojo.
Siblings: Degro Diablo and Nephritides.
Courting: None.
Mate: None.

Name: Negro Diablo.
Gender: Female.
Age: Three.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Personality: Not overly out going but loves family and friends. More intuned to improve her hunting or fighting skills. Has always stood up for her sister and always looks after the younger weaker members of the family.
Eye Colour: Amber.
Pelt Colour: Black.
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 148.
Parents: Rose Bud and Rojo.
Siblings: Strom Call and Nephritides.
Courting/Courted By: None.
Mate: None.
Whelps: None.

Name: Nephritides.
Nickname/s: Tides.
Gender: Female.
Age: Three.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Personality: Smaller than her siblings but very high spirited. She loves to be around family and friends unlike her brother and sister. She has always wanted a family of her own, a mate and pup. But she has always settled for caring for the packs' puppies.
Eye Colour: Hazle [green/brown].
Pelt Colour: Tri-color.
Height: 3'
Weight: 122.
Parents: Rose Bud and Rojo.
Siblings: Storm Call and Negro Diablo.
Courting/Courted By: None.
Mate: None.
Whelps: None.
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Tue Apr 14, 2009 8:19 pm

.Basic Info.
Name: Éowyn.
Pronounciation: Ay-oh-wen.
Nickname(s): She only goes by her name.
Gender: Female.
Age: Eight seasons. [Two years.]
Breed: Canis lupus albus; Tundra Wolf.
Personality: Strong willed, brave, compassionate, loving and devotional. She was called the younger version of her grandmother, who was a healer in her family's pack, who was a blessing to all wolves that the elder came in contact with. Said to have an magnetic aura, many can feel relaxed and comforted in Éowyn's presence alone, for she isn't critical or harsh, instead she is friendly and kind, and willing to help anyone in need of her. At heart, she is like a mother or sister to those she meets, and many feel compelled to be close to this young, mysterious she-wolf.

.Physical Analysis.
Height: 28" at the shoulder.
Length: 5'5" from toes to haunches.
Weight: 90.5 pounds.
Coat: Amazingly, for her breed, she comes with a snow-white coloration, with nearly no other pigmentation in the white fur aside a hint of silver tint in certain lighting. However, her toes and forepaws, blending up higher into her limbs, is a soft silver shade, along with the brim of her snout, and a pale stripe going from her haunches to the tip of her tail.
Eyes: Strikingly, they seem to be a sharp shade of turquoise.
Build: Small for her breed, she is noticeably 'feminine' for an animal, with strong, slender legs, perfect proportions, lean yet powerful, slenderly muzzled, bright-eyed, softly coated, with a long tail, and a graceful gait. Her tail is also docked in half, though she had never explained why this happened.

.Social Data.
Father: Baines.
Mother: Maelona.
Brothers: Bowen. Eros.
Sisters: Trysta.
Other Family: Many, but none too important to name, aside her grandmother, who taught her much of nature, and healing medicines, her name was Gavinia.
Mate:: Has yet to fall for any male.
Offspring: None as of yet, though she desires some greatly.
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Tue Jan 27, 2009 6:31 pm

Name: Robin
Nickname/s: --
Gender: Male
Age: About 4 Years
Breed: Arctic
Personality: Understanding, pleasant, and charming, Robin is a welcoming member to the Tirisfal pack. He is naturally a romantic, and is quite handsome, but his heart belongs to only one. He's one of the hessians that's normally found with a smile on his face, and likes to bring an air of friendliness to newcomers and make those that are down smile. His position as Alpha Advisor of the pack was honored by the keen head upon his shoulders and pure, common sense. He has strength in his judgement. He is also willing to hear others' opinions, as his whole philosophy is to broaden his horizons and expierence new things. His crucial decisions can also take a serious role when caught in the heat of battle, where he is able to persuade the enemy to speak in tongue instead of tooth and claw.
Eye Colour: Dark Crimson
Pelt Colour: Robin's fur is primarily white. A quaint feature of his coat is that the edges are flecked with astounding hues of orange and gold, giving anyone the impression of a sunset. He walks with a casual posture, and is more known for his speed and agility than his strength and brutality. Overall he is lean, and painted in the most heavenly way possible.
Form: He is more long and lanky than a typical brujo, and for what he lacks in compact muscle he makes up for in lightning speed. This is a quality of being a full-blooded Arctic wolf, and he uses the quality well.
Height: About 3'6"
Weight: Around 120 pounds
Parents: Dante and Aleutia
Siblings: Soar, Cedrick II, and Axel
Interest/s: His heart belongs to only one.
Courting/Courted By: Alaina
Mate: Alaina
Whelps: Jewel, Zeff, and Robin Junior

edit: WAHHH! why can't i get the picture up???

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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Wed Jan 21, 2009 5:09 am

Picture Credited To: www.fossil-treasures-of-florida.com
I couldn't find a decent pup pic....so this pic show's what he'll look like. If he does manage to grow up.

Name: Aldur
Nickname/s: None
Gender: Male
Age: 5 Months
Breed: Grey Wolf
Personality: Due to a birth defect that make it very hard for him to speak (He can talk normally but it hurts, and he has to struggle to get above a whisper.); Aldur tends to stick the sidelines hoping to avoid the limelight. He's very attached to his sister always sticking by her side, and is doesn't trust adults.
Eye Color: Gold
Pelt Color: Black
Form: Right now he's underweight because he's giving most of his food to his sister, but he's got the bone structure and the genetics to make him a fairly muscular wolf. Assuming he survives to grow that large.
Height: Typical 5 month old height.
Weight: About 15-20lbs underweight, but he'll gain it back in time.
Parents: Arcana (mom) Griswold (dad)
Siblings: M'avina (Sister)
Interest/s: None
Courting/Courted By: None
Mate: None
Whelps: None

Photo Credited to: www.imagecache2.allposter/com
Counldn't find a pic for her either.

Name: M'avina
Nickname/s: None
Gender: Female
Age: 5 months
Breed: Grey Wolf
Personality: M'avina is rather shy, but once she feels that a stranger isn't going to hurt her. Then she'll warm up to them and can actually be rather friendly. She's attached to her brother and always sticks by his side.
Eye Color: Brown
Pelt Color: Mixture of greys and browns
Form: Like her brother; M'avina is underweight, but she'll catch up.
Height: Typical 5 month old height
Weight: About 5-10lbs underweight
Parents: Arcana (mom) Griswold (father)
Siblings: Aldur
Interest/s: None
Courting/Courted By: None
Mate: None
Whelps: None
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Thu Jan 15, 2009 6:27 pm

Name: Doctor
Nickname/s: n/a
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Breed: British Columbian Wolf
Personality: He's a wolf who comes and goes most of the time. A natural born traveler, he's been to many places and knows about many species and things. He doesn't talk about himself, but is quite open otherwise, capable of giving great advice. Doctor is very loyal to his friends, coming close to death a few times for them. This makes him quote a daring wolf, rushing to situations while thinking. He's also very forgiving, making that one of his weaknesses. Although very observant, he doesn't like to stay still, always needing to be doing something.
Eye Colour: Brown
Pelt Colour: Whites, blacks, grays
Form: already tall, he looks taller due to his slim form. He has much stamina, and is decent with attacks. His form is perfect for efficient long distance traveling, though that speed is about average.
Height: 36 inch at shoulder
Weight: 114 lbs
Parents: Grace, Time
Siblings: n/a
Interest/s: n/a
Courting/Courted By: n/a
Mate: n/a
Whelps: n/a
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:26 pm

Okay since im figuring out how to do this here's the pic i hope..^^
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:23 pm

Name: Mirove Thayne
Nickname/s: Thai
Gender: Female
Age: Four long years have passed since she was conceived
Breed: it is quite unknown what EXACTLY her breed is she is said to be crossed between many and no strain seems to be visible that could be easily recognized though it is said they have dire in there blood it would make since for her large stature but it is uncertain since no one knows what they are instead call them ''Primals''
Personality: Normlly hard and cold the female has learned to hide her emotions and hide them well less she fall whilst in the heat of battle or in the front of her enemy she must be careful and deceiving at ALL times the female is sweet and gentle though dont let that cold look fool you she is kind and caring for one with so much blood upon her paws she could fill a river she is well used to death sees it as a necessity yet something to mourn over as well even though she is kind though and speaks ever so softly to others the female has a deep hate resting within her chest usch deep rage as well just waiting to be brought out and it scares her she knows it is because of what she ahs been through and been forced to do as well as her breedds nature but it still scares her thus she doesnt make it a habit of getting to know others less she do something she could regret like many more regrets for the rest of ehr life.
Eye Colour: A beautiful smokey blue that darkens when angry
Pelt Colour: Like most of her breed she comes in many dark and light shades consisting of ivory,tan golden and brown with ebon and greys here and there it is impossible just to pinpoint one solid color upon her and ehr kin.
Form: Sleek and lithe not an ounce of fat draws the female's body down she has learned to always keep moving stay one step ahead of your enemys and to dodge strike's in battle she cannot do that if she gets lazy.
Height: 40''
Weight: 150 lbs of muscle
Parents: Her parents were killed in battle long ago and she was taken in by her aunt and raised with her whelps
Siblings: She doesnt know if she has any really her aunt refuses to talk to her about them and if she persisted she would get punished.
Interest/s: None have caught the fae's eyes as of yet
Courting/Courted By: None have tried to capture's the fae's ever running heart
Mate: None have the honor
Whelps: None though she wishes for some in the future
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Wed Jan 14, 2009 10:01 pm

Name: Daemyn
Nickname/s: Dae
Gender: male
Age: 3.5 years
Breed: Timber Wolf
Personality: Very friendly and kind, gentle and rarely agressive. He is never rude or disrespectful, but radiates calm and peace. He is never arrogant, and though handsome, he does not even seem aware of this fact. Extremely good in a crisis, his ability to keep a level head has saved him and others many times, and is also an asset in a fight. Opponents are rarely able to get under his fur, and he is able to use his intelligence as well as strength to come out on top. Never ambitious, he was born with the qualities and form of a true dragga, but has never had the desire to take the position. Instead he is content with being a loyal packmember, protecting those he holds dear.
Eye Colour: Bright silver
Pelt Colour: Multiple hues, ranging from a light, almost white tan to stunning gold, run through his thick pelt. His chest and underbelly are a cream color, and his back is ridged with darker fur.
Form: He is broad shouldered and steady, hard to shake. Though not too agile, he is not slow, his muscles carrying him swiftly enough despite his somewhat bulky build.
Height: 48" at shoulder
Weight: 130 lbs, though no fat can be found on his muscular frame
Parents: unknown
Siblings: unknown
Interest/s: none yet
Courting/Courted By: none has shown interest, so neither has he
Mate: none
Whelps: none

Name: Alaina
Nickname/s: Ali
Gender: female
Age: 4 years
Breed: HuskyXTimber Wolf
Personality: Her persona is gentle and loving, never judgemental. Though her temper can be fiery, especially when she is insulted, she is generally very forgiving by nature. A little unsure of herself, she is slowly opening up to her own abilities, and is second-guessing herself less and less. As a result, her wolven traits, supressed whilst she dwelt with humans, are beginning to show. While she is an able fighter, calm in even the most dangerous situations, she preferrs to instead heal pain through the duties of a healer. When those she loves are threatened, though, she is a dangerous foe.
Eye Colour: A very bright, vivid blue.
Pelt Colour: Tri-colored with hues of black, silver, and white. When reflected by light, it shines with a cold spectrum of blues, silvers, and purples.
Form: Her features are those of a husky, with a broad muzzle and stunning cerulean eyes, but her form is that of a wolf. Long, slender legs are shorter than those of a true wolf, however, they are extremely toned from time spent pulling sleds through the heavy arctic snows. Her muscular frame comes from her mother's anscestors, but her grace and more petite features come from her father's wolven heritage.
Height: 3'4"
Weight: 105 lbs
Parents: She never knew them, having been given away at birth. At the beginning, she thought herself purebred husky, but in truth her father was a timber wolf and her mother a sled dog. Her mother's name was Jewel, her father's Russin.
Siblings: none that she knows of, though there may be some
Interest/s: Her heart is forever taken.
Courting/Courted By: Robin
Mate: Robin
Whelps: Jewel, Zeff, and Robbie
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Wed Jan 14, 2009 7:25 pm

Just postin my boys Smile

Name: Malik
Nickname/s: none
Gender: male
Age: 8
Breed: grey wolf
Personality: A calm, gentle but strong soul. Malik is kind to everyone and will give anyone a chance. However he is no pushover and if you cross him or his loved ones he wont hesitate to put you in your place.
Eye Colour: Gold
Pelt Colour: Grey with some white.
Form: Tall and lean, he's made more for speed and endurance than power.
Height: 43'
Weight: 135lbs
Parents: Garrow and Fiona
Siblings: Timmax, Shade, Selax
Interest/s: none yet
Courting/Courted By:none yet
Mate: wishes for one but is single
Whelps: none

Name: Timmax
Nickname/s: Ax (to anyone) timmy (if you feel like teasing him, he doesn't like it)
Gender: male
Age: 8
Breed: grey wolf
Personality: rough around the edges but a loyal packmate. he tells it like it is and often seems grumpy but deep down he loves his pack. although he's pure he loves to fight when the oportunity comes up. his other love is for pups.
Eye Colour: yellow/gold
Pelt Colour: mostly grey with some white under the chin. he also has a black tip on his tail and some flecks of black on his back.
Form: He’s by no means a huge wolf, about average size with lots of muscle in his legs and chest, built for speed. He can run for long periods of time and not tire, the same can be said for his ability to fight. He has sturdy legs and feet to match. His maw is short and wide, good for biting.
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 115lbs
Parents: Garrow and Fiona
Siblings: Malik, Shade, Selax
Interest/s: none yet
Courting/Courted By: none
Mate: none
Whelps: wishes he had some but does not
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PostSubject: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:33 pm

Okay, this thread is for those who wish to make a new character or update the stats of the characters they already own. Just reply here, fill out the form and then bring your wolf to the mainboard. No opening posts are required here, and any roleplaying on this thread will go ignored. Please only roleplay on the mainboard.

Eye Colour:
Pelt Colour:
Courting/Courted By:
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PostSubject: Re: Tirisfal Valley; Stats   

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Tirisfal Valley; Stats
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