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 Ludo's Stats

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PostSubject: Ludo's Stats   Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:13 pm

[| General Information |]
Name: Ludo
Pronunciation: Lu-dough
Name Meaning: none
Alias: none
Gender: Male
Breed: Grey x TimberWolf
Current Age: 7
Personality: Silent for the most part, has a mysterious aura about him, cold & fearless when it comes to a fight. Tolerates pain like an ox is stubborn. but like any wolf, likes companionship

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: A Deep Haunting Yellow
Pelt Coloration: Slate & White
Height: 42" at the shoulder
Weight: 160lbs
Scars/Markings: Has the symbol for a great warrior on his underside
Form: Largely built, very strong, and muscular, and is pretty agile for his size

[| Family/Social Circle |]
Dame: Mascara
Sire: Modern Day Drifter
Brothers: Shadow Line
Sisters: Corona
Other Family: Ireland, His Cousin
Interest: Forever and always Crimson
Courted By/Courting: Crimson
Mate: Crimson
Pups: Elipsis Blue, Bloor Star, Endless Winters..Avenged Star, Cheveyo, Lux Atreyu

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses: Scars on his face & legs, and a small split on his left ear at the base of it.

Biography: Was born into the pack of the Kaiyuh Mountains. He was exiled after he had tried to over throw his father of being alpha. He ended up in a bachelor pack, that served as an 'army' of sorts for other packs that would 'hire' them to help in battles and such. After a couple years in that pack, he decided that he need to find a real pack. and so he had, Muerta. He settled in quite nicely, he found himself a mate, Crimson Star. He was head over heels for her. They had themselves a litter of pups that are now full grown, and have had their second litter, and working on training them to fight.
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Ludo's Stats
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