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 Ireland's Stats

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PostSubject: Re: Ireland's Stats   Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:53 am

ok i'm new, places help me
Name: sky
Pronunciation: sky
Name Meaning: the sky
Alias: none
Gender: girl
Breed: white and gray
Current Age: 6 1/2 years
Personality:shot temper will kill,loving,kind,shy,good fighter loves pups

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PostSubject: Ireland's Stats   Mon Aug 10, 2009 7:28 pm

[| General Information |]
Name: Ireland
Pronunciation: I-err-land
Name Meaning:
Alias: none
Gender: Male
Breed: Gray x Timber
Current Age: 8 1/2 years
Personality: Ireland is more of a follower type than anything else, going with the flow, but he will use his dominance over a wolf when and if he feels he needs to. He's more of one to do more as he pleases now in his older age, being stubborn, and also play mind games. In his years he's been through alot, and seen many things that most wolves would never experience in a lifetime, and he's become wise from that experience, although when he share's it, alot of it can be hard to understand it with the way he puts things. He can be sadistic, and twisted, and even short tempered, and grumpy in his old age, but he doen't always let it show, but you'll know when he's up in your face when he decides to. He's learned to ignore alot of things that get said, but then again there are somethings that cannot be let go that get said, and so he'll fight for what he thinks is right.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: Brassy Orange
Pelt Coloration: White with silver tipped hairs
Height: 42" at the shoulder
Weight: 148
Scars/Markings: He hold numerous scars upon his body from the many battles he has participated through out his life.
Form: He's a tall, and well muscled wolf, very strong, quick on his feet even for his age.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
Dame: Emerald
Sire: DragonHeart
Brothers: Arlington-deceased
Sisters: Domino
Other Family: Ludo, and his family
Interest: He has found no interest in any femme for many years
Courted By/Courting: none
Mate: none for many years
Pups: none share his bloodline

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Other than his battle scars, he'd recieved no other injuries
Biography: Ireland grew up in an assassin's pack, coming from many generations of reputable skilled, killers. He spent most of his yougn life with in the bachelor back that his father ruled over as well. He and many others including his cousin Ludo fought in many battles as hired assassins for many years. But, after a few years, he grew tiresome of the almost military life style he led. He set out on his own, and first came to Fire and Ice, joining the Apocalypse pack, then left some years later going to the lands of Fantasy with a pack mate, Rawbones, and found out it was not what it was cracked up to be, but did find his Cousin's first daughter Winter there. He has now returned to the lands of Fire and Ice, and plans to stay here till his dying days.

Played By: Cowgurlup0522
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Ireland's Stats
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