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 Avenged Star

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PostSubject: Avenged Star   Tue Aug 11, 2009 3:37 am

[| General Information |]
Avenged Star
Pronunciation: As seen
Name Meaning: Star is her family name, and her mother named her for the vengeance she wishes to claim.
Alias: Vengeance
Gender: Female
Breed: Blood x Red x Timber wolf
Current Age: Roughly 1.5 yrs
Personality: Vengenace is stubborn, willful and very mischevious. She doesn't like to respect her elders, and is constantly challenging their authority. However, she does like to learn what she can about fighting, and is more than willing to follow her mother and sister's lead when it comes to battle. Because of her early experiences in life, Vengeance is not quite right in the head; in fact, she can be quite sadistic and cruel. After all, she was only six weeks old when she watched her mother carry her brother's dead, rotting body before plopping it down in front of her and her siblings, expecting them to take a bite and enjoy it. She has been taught not to feel nor express emotion of any sort, and thus looks upon such things with great distaste.

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: One blood-red, one haunting yellow
Pelt Coloration: She shares the same peltage as her mother, black with crimson highlights, a red stripe down her spine, and a white muzzle. She inherits a gray chest from her father.
Height: 30"
Weight: 134 lbs
Scars/Markings: A claw mark on her rump for misbehaviour, and a few shallow gashes in her ribs.
Form: Vengeance is quite heavily muscled, with short, stocky legs and sharp claws. Her back is lined with blood-red spikes that follow her spine, an unusual trait found within her family line.

[| Family/Social Circle |]
: Crimson Star
Sire: Ludo
Brothers: She has two older brothers, Elipsis Blue and Blood Star [deceased before she was born]. Lux Atreyu is her littermate brother.
Sisters: Endless Winters, her older sister. Cheveyo is her current littermate sister.
Other Family: Ireland.
Interest: Does not care for these kinds of interests.
Courted By/Courting: None have come to her.
Mate: She has no desire for one.
Pups: None.

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses
: None
Biography: From a very young age, Vengenace was forced to live through the mistreatment her mother had shown towards her and her siblings. She has witnessed the death of her smallest sibling, something she felt great sorrow for, though her mother discouraged such emotional displays from the start. Young and confused, she could only watch as her mother carried the rotting corpse from the birth den outside Muerta territory, all the way back home. When they arrived in Muerta, Crimson had set the body in front of her children, encouraging them to take their first bite of meat. They were lucky enough that their father was nearby, stopping the event before it took place and setting some sanity back into Crimson's head. For a time, Vengenace looked up to her father as a strong and compassionate role model, but it was not long before he disappeared, and thus her trust was broken, and she refused to allow herself to trust like that again. Instead, she focused on her mother and older sister Winter, learning what they could teach her about fighting, and spending the rest of her time reeking havoc and causing mischief around the pack.

Played By: Shadowed-Eclipse
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Avenged Star
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