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 Zaiaku's Profile

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PostSubject: Zaiaku's Profile   Sun Aug 16, 2009 4:01 pm

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Zaiaku
Means: Sin
Title[s]: The deceiver
Alias: Zai, Zaia
Decent: Timber
Age: 5
Gender: Male
Persona: Zaiaku is a very difficult wolf to understand, for he has many different personalities. At times he seems isolated, completely gone from any others. Then he can be very social, he usually plays with words. He can be malevolent, or calm. Loyal to those he sees fit.
Heart: Malicious
Motto: A proud look, a lying tongue,
And hands that shed innocent blood
A heart that deviseth wicked imagination
Feet that be swift in running to mischief
A false witness that speaketh lies
And he that soweth discord among brethren.

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue: Ebony, though within moonlight it appears to reflect a deep blue.
Occualr Hue: A piercing blue
Stands: 4' 6"
Weighs: 145 lbs
Form: Muscular, an heavily built. Though pillars are strong and lean, making him swift and agile. Strength and speed are the words best describing his frame.
Physical Distortions: --

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: Gula
Dame: Luxura
Brothers: Philosophy, Ending
Sisters: Sight, Vengeful Beauty
Partner: None
Whelps: He has many from his homeland, but all of them are dead to him.
Challengers: He had many in his homeland, none in F&I
Minions: --
Rank: --

Life Story:
His birth would only be a horror in the future, if only his dame would've known. Born to a place called Tartarus, his parents ruled for a long time. He was apart of the first litter born to the alphas. Growing up life had been normal, as normal as a dark life could be. Fighting with his brothers, and overall learning of life. At a point in Zaiaku's life, he realized the weakness in his parents. Even some other wolven had noticed, after they had bared their second litter. His mother fell ill, and his father was frantic. It was calling for a new alpha. Of course, Zaiaku wasn't really the next in line for the heir. All the same, he decided to take the opportunity that was before him. He slew his mother easily, for she had in a way asked for it. To ill to do anything, her eyes pleaded her son. Then his sire, the 'great' wolf that had created him. Zaia challenged his father, and won. Now the ruler of Tartarus, his brothers saw fit to overthrow him. Zaiaku slew both, without any regrets. His other siblings posed no threat, so their lives were spared. Zaiaku grew in power, and took many things. Females, the best meal, everything. Till he sought out a different land, leaving all of the 'good' life behind.
Place of Birth: Tartarus

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Zaiaku's Profile
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