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 The Order of Tirisfal Valley

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The Order of Tirisfal Valley Empty
PostSubject: The Order of Tirisfal Valley   The Order of Tirisfal Valley Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2009 2:53 am

Royal Court:

High Lady: Silent Snowfall (Taken ill)
High Lead: Nuri Bade.

Royal Children: None yet.

King's Advisor: None.
Queen's Advisor: Robin.
Heir's Advisor: None.

King's Spy:
Queen's Spy:

High Court:

Beta Male: None.
Beta Female: None.

Deputy: Robin.
Deputess: Alaina.

Zeptic: None.

Sigma - Alaina.
Amah - None.

Ancients: Malik.

.:Elite Soldiers:.

War Chieftan - Silent Snowfall.
Colonol -
Warriors -
Raiders -
Trainees -


Lead Guardian -
Guardians -
Huntsmaster -
Hunters -

Lead Pupsitter -
Den Mother -
Pupsitters - Teagan


Lead Scout - Timmax.
Scouts - Kilina.

Lead Assassin -
Temptationers -
Assassins -

Low Court:

Pups: Jewel, Robbie, Koda.
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The Order of Tirisfal Valley
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