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 Tirisfal's Landscape

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PostSubject: Tirisfal's Landscape   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:29 am

Tirisfal Valley


The most northern piece of Tirisfal's territory, where you can see Muerta's mountains looming dangerously up ahead.

Glacier Falls Hideout - A secretive cave at the foot of the mountains, where glacial water streams down, rushing towards Tirisfal's lake. It provides good cover from all types of weather, and is a wonderful, quiet getaway for anyone who just needs to be away from it all. The Hideout is also the perfect location for private meetings or romantic vacations.

Serenity Lake - The lake is just south of Muerta Mountains. The farther from their borders, the safer the shores. The lake is an excellent source of fun, entertainment and fishing for all, though the waters often tend to be cold with the exception of the summer months.

Okura Falls - Serenity Lake runs out through the Okura stream and deeper into the forested areas of Tirisfal. The falls are a beautiful sight to behold, and attract a lot of different wildlife including a wide range of herbivores, as well as fish during the spawning season.

Tirisfal Valley - The forest soon opens up into a vast, lushious valley, where the Okura stream continues to travel south, branching off into south-eastern and western-flowing bodies. These streams flow throughout the lands for many miles, moving slowly as there is little difference in land height deep within the valley. This wide expanse makes up a majority of Tirisfal's territory, and is great for hunting hare, deer and other grazers.

Nestled at the farthest reaches of Tirisfal's territory are the dens and meeting area, tucked safely into the protective cliffs of the bordering, desert lone lands. At their highest, these hills and cliffs make for great observatory points, from which any wolf might spot an invading party from a different pack, or other sorts of intrusions. This is also where Lady Snowfall calls for her meetings, as there are many places to roost where her voice may travel far for all to hear.
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Tirisfal's Landscape
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