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 Eclipse's Loners

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PostSubject: Re: Eclipse's Loners   Sun Nov 07, 2010 8:58 pm

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Death Shrieker
Title[s]: None.
Alias: Hellscream, Death, Snake.
Decent: Hell x Timber Wolf
Age: 7 years.
Gender: Demon.
Persona: Hellscream is an emotionless demon, having blocked out all feelings long ago when he killed his mate and son. He is highly aggressive and snappy, as well as dominant and insolent, refusing to bow to anyone unless he truly thinks they are worthy, and so far, that wolf has yet to be found. He is very deceitful, untrustworthy, and untrusting, hates nearly everyone and everything, and his only passions are fighting and killing. He is cold, he is careless, and he is just plain cocky and obnoxious. On the rare occassion, should he find a particularily attractive and interesting female, his personality can change entirely. Though he is not necessarily romantic in his approach, he fearlessly shows his interest and becomes uncharacteristically friendly and bouncy; it could almost be described as giddy. However, a female that can make him this way is hard to come by, and this is not a common side shown by him.
Heart: Hellscream does not have a heart.
Motto: "Death cannot be destroyed."

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue:
His jet black pelt is thick, coarse and filthy, full of ungroomed tufts of loose fur and clumps of mud. The fur along his back is tipped with grays, and his face is masked in silver as well.
Occualr Hue: Deep auburn.
Stands: He stands 42" at the withers, with a towering height of 46" at the tips of his auds.
Weighs: He weighs a bulky 143 lbs.
Form: This hellion is heavy and rugged, with a thick neck and powerful shoulders, a deep chest and four sturdy pillars.
Physical Distortions: Hellscream has several deformities to speak of. His ears are noticeably uneven, with one set much lower upon his skull than the other. He has a nasty cross-bite and all of his teeth are jagged and misplaced, showing under his lips, giving him a rather gruesome appearance. His tongue is long and slit down the middle like that of a snake, and he uses it frequently to taste the air.

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: Unknown.
Dame: Unknown.
Brothers: Unknown.
Sisters: Unknown.
Partner: He once had a mate by the name of Dark Blade, but he abandoned her and then murdered her for turning to the light.
Whelps: Volcanic Ash, Glacier Mist [whereabouts unknown], Ocean Breeze [deceased], Deathwish [whereabouts unknown], Night's Wrath [whereaobuts unknown], Ruffle [whereabouts unknown], Thunderblade [murdered].
Challengers: Typically every wolf he encounters becomes an enemy, and he is always up for the challenge.
Minions: He has none.
Rank: None.

Life Story:
Hellscream has spent a majority of his life within the shadows as an opportunist. His youth was full of trouble and harshness; he never knew the kindness or love of real parents. He knew only of bloodshed and violence, within a rogue pack of bandits that lived merely for the sins in life. Their ways became so ingrained in his mind at a young age that it became a part of who he is today, thus making him the monster he is. He has never known anything different, and would never want to change.

For a short time Hellscream found love, and felt tenderness for a woman by the name of Dark Blade. They spent many wondrous moons together hunting and scouting, making the best of any situation they were thrown into. When their first litter was born, the demon was at first ecstatic; but then, his past came back to haunt him, and the visions of violence clouded his mind, forcing him to act out in ways he did not want to towards his new family. His son, Ash, was just as defiant and hard-headed as himself, and they clashed frequently, which drew out the worst qualities in Hellscream. He took out his frustrations on his daughters, Glacier Mist and Ocean Breeze, though they never challenged him. When his whelps left the family as yearlings, Hellscream had reverted to his cold, hardened self, and no longer felt the same about Dark Blade.

Still, they remained together, and when Blade's season came again, Hellscream did not pass up the opportunity to indulge in a rare pleasure. Another litter was yielded - two boys, and two girls. His heart pulled at him in many different ways; he wanted to love them and raise them with care, yet he beat them and showed them what it meant to be vicious. Dark Blade scolded her mate for being too harsh with their young, but he would hear nothing of it, and continued in his ways, sometimes even taking out his anger on her. At last, Blade decided that this was not the life for her, and she left Hellscream. Their two sons came with her, though regretfully she left her daughters behind, who seemed brainwashed to believe that she was weak and that they needed to stay with their father.

The demon raised his daughters the only way he knew how, with harsh treatment and manipulative words. And now, his heart was broken, and his mind was shaken more than he'd ever thought possible. He had to kill her. How dare she leave him and take his boys with her? He trained his daughters to fight ferociously. Before they were a year old, he tracked down the location of his ex-mate - out on a hunt, the boys were left alone. He led an attack on them, but his daughter Night's Wrath froze up as she watched her father and sister maul her brothers. Only seconds passed before she fled, abandoning them all. The remaining pair were able to take Thunderblade's life, but could do no further damage before Dark Blade returned, striking back with a fury that can only be had by a mother. Hellscream had to retreat along with Deathwish, and they remained in the shadows, plotting their next attack. However, by the time Deathwish matured, the young wolfess decided that this was not what she wanted, and she left her father with much regret in her heart for killing her brother and losing her sister.

From that time on, Hellscream has done nothing but move through the shadows of life, taking up any opportunity to f*ck and shed blood. He has cast away all hope of love and trust, and exists only to destroy lives and call wolves to their deaths. He has no more dreams nor thoughts of the future, living in the now for the simple purpose of destruction.

Place of Birth: He does not know the name of the place where he was born. He only knows that it was a place of total sin.
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Number of posts : 724
Age : 28
Location : Langley, BC, Canada
Pawprints : 1290
Registration date : 2009-01-10

PostSubject: Eclipse's Loners   Sun Aug 30, 2009 3:32 am

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Tok
Means: He does not know; it was the name the ravens bestowed upon him.
Title[s]: The raven summoner
Alias: His name is rather hard to shorten further
Decent: Dark maned wolf
Age: 1 year
Gender: His entire being screams masculinity
Persona: Tok is normally very quiet, and has had little interaction with other wolves. Though he is a bit shy, he feels confident with his friends by his side, and knows that no harm will come to him if they are near. He cares deeply for Tarkah and Selaks, and would do anything to defend them. Since he has never bonded with anyone of his kind, he finds it difficult to view them as 'the same', so he is unsure of how his reactions will be when he meets them. During past social interactions, he found that instinct greatly influenced his actions, and there was little he could do to control it. Fear may make him aggressive, and longing may make him pushy.
Heart: He is of a darker neutral heart
Motto: He does not have a motto as of yet

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue:
His entire pelt is jet black with a healthy sheen to it. He has a pure obsidian mane along the length of his neck, the hairs short enough to stand as a threatening ridge of hackles at will when angry. The fur covering his body is abnormally short, allowing his well-toned muscles to show through and ripple powerfully under his shining coat. His plume is long and bushy. His peltage gives him a similar appearance to that of a horse, although he is very handsome.
Occualr Hue: There is no difference between pupil and iris; the eyes are completely black, making it difficult to tell where he is looking.
Stands: He stands 42" at the tip of his auds
Weighs: 140 lbs
Form: Tok has a very muscular stature, exaggerated by his short pelt which allows the muscle to show through. He has a long, graceful neck and strong, lean legs. The mane along his neck is short enough that it can stand up at will, though normally lies flat, draping over one side of his neck.
Physical Distortions: He does not really look like any other wolf of his kind. He has a genetic mutation that has left him entirely black, and though his legs are longer than a gray wolf's, they do not match the length of his breed's standards. He is also overly heavy for his breed.

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: His father died long before he was born.
Dame: His mother died of starvation just days before he was properly weaned. He only ever knew her as 'mom', therefore a name cannot be given. However, after his birth mother he considers Tarkah and Selaks, the ravens that travel with him, his adoptive parents.
Brothers: None made it.
Sisters: None made it.
Partner: He has had little chance to associate with others, and therefore has never chosen a mate.
Whelps: He is still young, and has not yet been given the opportunity.
Challengers: He knows of none, considering he has never really lived amongst a pack.
Minions: He may summon the ravens at will, as they have lived and relied on each other since the day he was orphaned.
Rank: No pack, no rank.

Life Story:
Tok was born in free lands, although the freedom promised was not as great as his parents had envisioned. With no pack to help, his father perished before he was born, and his mother perished just days before he was properly weaned. His siblings were all dead only weeks after coming into the world. Tok was the only one out of his family to encounter the kindness that the wilderness had to offer. The evening after his mother starved, two ravens came upon him curiously. For a long time they tried fruitlessly to communicatie through words; actions proved much more effective. The two, Tarkah and Selaks, discovered that the pup was alone and hungry, and took to the skies, urging him to follow from below. They showed him to a recently abandoned carcass surrounded by other ravens. The ravens took mercy on him, allowing him to share their scavenged meals so that he might grow and survive.

Through such methods he was able to thrive, and after much difficulty, the wolf cub and the ravens were able to communicate verbally. The ravens were skilled immitaters, and copied the sounds that came from the wolf's mouth, learning their meaning and using them to speak to the adopted pup. Tok knew how to understand them too, although his tongue was not so flexible, nor his voice as colorful. He could not speak their language, though he knew every word and every song inside his heart.

Many ravens helped to keep him alive, though Tarkah and Selaks were the most dedicated. They never left his sight, and he never left theirs either. At the age of 7 months, the two ravens suggested that Tok at last join his own kind. Still, they came with him, never intending to abandon him. He discovered a kind pack, and with them he learned to hunt, though war soon scoured the lands and tore them apart, during which time he left with his feathered friends to safety. He had left with a valuable skill, though; he could hunt, and he could offer this to his friends. His bond grew closer with all of the ravens. They would show him to prey and he would catch it, and they would all feed together. Tok would keep watch for other land-walking scavengers and predators, while the ravens flew high as scouts to watch for hunting birds and large threats like bears. They all cared for each other, helping one another.

Tok still lives alone with Tarkah and Selaks at his shoulders, though as the days pass, he feels the longing for his own kind grow and grow...

Place of Birth: He does not know if the place he was born had a name.

Given Name: Volcanic Ash
Nickname/s: Though he introduces himself by his full name, the only name he likes to be called is Ash. If any other name is used to address him, he becomes infuriated.
Current Age: 4 years
Breed: Timber Wolf
Gender: Male
General Persona: By nature, Ash is a very aggressive and intolerant being, having little patience for anyone. He is also very dominant by nature, and has bowed down to only one wolf, who's name he holds close to his heart. Other than her, he has found no equal, and he submits to none. He is protective of anything that is his, and holds high value on those possessions. He is also very arrogant and cocky, having never found a match to take him down a notch. If he has something to say, whether it be rude or blunt, he is not afraid to say it; he is not afraid to make enemies, for he is confident in his ability to ward them off or kill them. Due to the fact that he has overcome any enemy he's ever encountered, he feels powerful, and he longs to hold power within any wolven kingdom. Surprisingly, he is not controlling of others, so long as they leave him be.
He is not one to feel love, and he does not lust blindly for any female he comes in contact with, as so many other brutes do. In that sense, he is one of the lucky ones that can keep his head on straight, even in the presence of a female during her season. However, he is able to get along with females just fine, so long as they have a tolerable personality, rather than the foolish air-heads that exist. Males, on the other hand, are a lot harder for him to deal with, and he normally challenges them upon first meeting. Should they stand up to him, a fight is sure to ensue, as that has always been his way. If they choose to stand down, he will leave them alone without further confrontation. He is intolerant of arrogance in others, and will not stand idly while some other big-shot tries to strut about. He will make sure to knock them down.
Height: He has a towering height of 43" at the shoulder, 48" in total
Weight: He weighs in at a staggering 146 lbs, a majority of it being muscle
Optical Color: A fiery amber colour
Coat Coloration: His fur typically looks pure black, though in the right lighting a dark coffee hue can be seen.
Interest/s: He has only ever been interested in one wolfess, and he is positive that no other will ever replace her.
Mate: Bellatrix, his one and only love. Unfortunately, he does not know where she is.
Whelps: None, and he does not wish for any, though one day he intends to continue his bloodline.
Parents: Hellscream and Dark Blade.
Siblings: Glacier Mist (whereabouts unknown) and Ocean Breeze (deceased) were in the same litter. A later litter produced four more siblings: Thunderblade, Electric Eyes, Night's Wrath and Deathwish.
Alliance: Ash is allied to the darkness, and only the darkness. He would sooner spit upon any other alliance.
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Eclipse's Loners
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