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 Petra's Profile

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PostSubject: Petra's Profile   Tue Sep 15, 2009 10:27 pm

X.General Information.X
Formal Curse: Petra.
Means: She does not know.
Title[s]: She has gained no titles.
Alias: Everyone knows her as Petra, and that is quite short enough.
Decent: She is a hybrid mixture of Gray Wolf and Siberian Husky
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Persona: Petra has a very compassionate, caring nature; she loves to help others in need and is gentle, kind, and willing to do anyone's bidding if they need help. She is also rather shy, staying quiet around those mightier than herself (which is just about anyone), and she is very timid. She does not partake in fighting, for she was never raised to do so. If loyalty to a friend or packmate calls, though, she will selflessly throw herself into battle, despite her incompetence on the battlefield. She prefers, however, to hunt and track prey, and has also become a well-established healer.
Heart: She has always resided with the dark wolves, and has come to love them, but she has never been sure if darkness is where her heart truly dwells.
Motto: Petra has never known a motto.

X.Physical Traits.X
Peltage Hue
: Her coat is the typical black and white markings seen in a Siberian Husky.
Occualr Hue: A soft, pale green.
Stands: 2'5"
Weighs: 80 lbs
Form: At first glance it is hard to tell that she is a wolf at all, for her entire appearance is that of a Siberian Husky. She has the thick muscling of a dog, but her body is small and lean; she is a quick runner and can move with ease through snow, but she is not a fighter. Her eyes are the only sign of wolven heritage in her blood, as they are a shade of green seen mostly in wolves, and have the same intensity that a wolf does.
Physical Distortions: Petra has never engaged in battle, and has never acquired any injuries.

X.Family Tree.X
Sire: She never knew her sire, but she considers her step-father Zeek her only fatherly figure. While her adoptive mothers were raising her, their mate, Dusty, also became her adoptive father, as he was head of the family, but she never really looked up to him.
Dame: Her dame, Cleo, abandoned her and her brother Flame at an early age. She would sooner consider Macwise and Topaz (her adoptive mothers), as her real mothers. Of course it is impossible to have two natural mothers, but it was their large family that adopted her, so she considers them both her mother.
Brothers: Flame, the other she cannot remember.
Sisters: She does not remember her sisters' names, but she had two.
Partner: Blade is her one and only love.
Whelps: She has birthed none. Having never known the mother to child bond while growing up, this option does not necessarily appeal to her.
Challengers: She is unsure of any wolves that dislike her enough to call her 'enemy'. Although she does not call anyone her enemy, she becomes hatefully jealous of anyone who steals Blade's attention from her, but she tries not to make it obvious.
Minions: No wolves are under her command, and she doubts any would follow her given the chance.
Rank: Lead Huntress, and Lead Healer.

Life Story
: Her single mother, Cleo, birthed she and her siblings in Apocalypse Forest, which at the time was run by Shadow. Petra never knew her real father, but Zeek soon came into the picture as he began a courtship with her mother, and she has always called him Dad. When she and her brother fell deathly ill, however, her mother abandoned them and left with the other two pups, leaving them in Zeek's care. However, since he was not truly Cleo's mate, there were doubts among a couple packmates that he would raise them well, so Petra was taken in by the family of Macwise, Topaz and Dusty, and all of their children. Macwise's gentle, knowledgable care led her back to health, and she made her first friend, Diablo. During that time, the pack's leader took off, and Dusty's sister Onyx took over leadership, but she and her sibling soon dispersed, along with half of Petra's adopted family, including her new friend. Disheartened, she took to the art of healing when Macwise offered the teaching to her, and worked alongside her remaining sisters to aid her adopted mother when she needed it. She learned little from Topaz, although she always admired the strong, hard-headed fatale. By this time, Shadow had returned to rule her pack, and Petra grew up under these conditions.
As she aged, her father Zeek taught her the ways of the hunt, and she became a skilled hunter, enjoying the task. She was able to take on the rank of Lead Huntress after her training. By now, Shadow had disappeared for the second time, and in her place came Lilith and Damean Jager. At first, she, along with many of the original packmates, were unsure of their ability to run the pack properly, but in time they were able to sort things out. Damean earned his title well, especially after guiding his pack out of the fire without a single death, and bringing them to safety with their allies. Lilith had abandoned them and her newborn pups at this time, and she was never to return. Things turned out well, however, and the pack was able to return home. During this time Petra had met a newcomer named Akkanatrum, or as he called himself, Blade. At the time she had been very nervous about meeting anyone, for she was in her first heat, but her father was protecting her. However, after meeting with Blade, she came to trust him, and it was not long before her feelings for him began to bloom.
As she aged, her father disappeared, giving her yet another sense of abandonment. When Cinder came to Jabbar for Lacuna, she decided that she must leave, not only to help them, but to escape the constant feelings of abandonment by the ones she loved. However, she became lost in the lone lands, having never left home alone, and by the time she found the pack that Cinder had brought Lacuna too, it was too late to save her packmate. Cinder was taken care of, however, and quickly became her friend. Now the two friends have returned to Jabbar Junayd, and await what is to come.
Place of Birth: Petra was born in Jabbar Junayd, back when it was known as Apocalypse Forest.

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Petra's Profile
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