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 Cormin Simsel

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PostSubject: Cormin Simsel   Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:42 pm

[| General Information |]
Cormin Simsel
Pronunciation: (Cor-Min/Sim-Cell)
Name Meaning: Coreen Simantel and Mindy VanTassel =D
Alias: Cormin, phycho! Socio-Path, crazy freak!
Gender: Female
Breed: Cerulian Bear Dog/Arctic Wolf
Current Age: 9 months
Personality: You'll never know...it's changing alot

[| Physical Features |]
Eye Coloration: One bright blue, one sea green.
Pelt Coloration: Black on top, white on bottom. Best of both worlds!
Height: She's still growing
Weight: Still changing.
Scars/Markings: Probably a ton of them, from herself....
Form: She's small. Fluffy but small, her face is small, her paws are medium size. Her ears are pointy and she's just strange...

[| Family/Social Circle |]
: She hates her. No, she loves her...what's her name?
Sire: He loves her!
Brothers: Does she have them, if so, they don't like her. No one does!
Sisters: Does she have them, if so, they LOVE HER! EVERYONE DOES!
Interest: Everyone!
Courted By/Courting: Nope
Mate: None
Pups: None

[| History |]
Past Injuries / Illnesses
: Tons, loads!
Biography: She's nuts. She's sane one moment, then she freaks the next, you'll never know if she's going to be nice, or if she's going to try and rip you apart. She's self distructive and she's very manic and bi-polar. Technically she's Octapolar...
Played By: Kippy and Fossy
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Cormin Simsel
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