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 Endless Winters

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PostSubject: Endless Winters   Tue Dec 01, 2009 3:07 am

Name: Endless Winters.
Pronunciation of Name: As seen.
Age: 4 years.
Gender: Female.
Alliance: Corrupt.

Description: Winter is a very heavyset, brawny female, with an abnormally short stature, standing just 28" at the withers, while weighing 135 lbs. Her muzzle is broad and short, and due to its shape has extreme crushing power. Evenly placed just above the base of her maw are two dark, chilling blue eyes. Atop her massive skull are small, rounded ears that are often held forward attentively. Her neck is thick and muscular, but neither too long nor too short. Her shoulders are very broad and well-muscled, and her chest deep. Each of her four legs are thick, stocky pillars of strength, and hold her close to the ground. Her rear legs are particularly strong and provide excellent momentum for great leaps and bounds, or to propel her like a rocket at enemies. Her tail is normally held upright in a crescent shape. Draped over her stout form is a dense coat of soft fur, jet black and untainted by any other colours; although, it is tainted by scars, a particularly noticeable one on her shoulder made by her greatest rival, Tabitha.

Personality: Winter, above all things, tends to be incredibly headstrong, harsh, and cruel, driven by her fierce temper and confident nature. She is fearless when meeting others, with a dominant air about her that she does not drop even in the presence of Kings and Queens. She is snappy and has quite the tongue, though she tries not to let it do the talking for her. She will, however, let loose if any whelp dares speak out of line, and she tends to be highly aggressive towards the young; she has met few pups that were not highly aggravating and foolish. She is simply intolerant of those who still smell of their mother’s milk, yet speak as though they’ve lived a life-full of hardship with much advice to give to their elders. Her ability to get along with other adults is not usually much better, although it is not impossible for her to have a civilized conversation with someone who is calm by nature, or who has a lot of witty things to say. Those types tend to keep her entertained for long periods of time.

There is little to speak of when it comes to matters of the heart, for she normally distances herself from all emotional bonds and situations. She is more likely to put up an impenetrable barrier should these emotions ever start tugging at her, behaving cold and distant to any who might otherwise steal her heart or earn her compassion. Her trust is not easy to gain, and neither is her loyalty, though once gained it is a very powerful thing, though, is not to be tested. She will turn on those who think they can walk all over her, or betray her in the first place. Despite having loved and lost before, she remains emotionally strong, not allowing feelings to bring her down or keep her from her full potential. She no longer allows these feelings to linger in her so easily.

Her interests include war-training, arguing and herbs/poisons. The sight and scent of blood gives her a rush, so she is very enthusiastic about sparring with worthy comrades, or fighting tooth and claw with her greatest rivals and enemies. Due to her fearless nature, she never backs down from a fight, even when the odds are against her; she would shame herself and her mother, whom she secretly admires, if she were to give up (or die) in battle. She thoroughly enjoys arguing and quarrelling with others just to get them riled and pumped. Sometimes she just hates others unconditionally, and it simply brings her pleasure to watch them get frustrated, watch them want to rip her throat out, and then watch them try. Curiously enough, she has always been fascinated by plants and their purpose and uses. Solitary and quiet as a pup, she has had a lot of time to observe plants and test their potencies. During her travels she was able to visit a pack’s healer, and gained a lot of knowledge from her. Therefore, she is well-versed in the use of plants for healing, as well as sedation and poisoning.

History: She has found little in her life to be of great signifigance. If she were to tell her tale, however, she would begin with her earliest memories, of being in the den with her brothers and mother. Only when they were old enough for meat did they meet their father, Ludo. He brought them their first meat, and from then on they began their training. Ludo was an excellent teacher, patient yet strong and demanding, while Crimson disciplined them strictly and taught tricky moves. Winter recalls that she did most of her training with her mother, as she shared a similar stature with the femme. So did her brother, but he preferred to train with his brother and father, feeling he might be weaker if he were to train under the paw of a woman.

Winter did her lessons, and succeeded in learning everything taught, but she did not show much passion for these things. Instead, she preferred to spend a lot of time alone, studying the mountaineous terrain that they lived upon. She learned much about plants during this time, and used them to treat her own wounds gained through battle-training. Her mother figured that she wouldn't amount to much, and her father seemed unsure of where her abilities lay, but Winter left the pack of Muerta Mountains as a yearling, so it would not be for at least a year and a half that they heard word of her through Ludo's cousin, Ireland.

As a lone wolfess she traveled far and wide, continuing her study of plants unbothered, until she came upon the lands of Fantasy. She joined Leere Seelen, where she instantly found herself in trouble with the Alpha pair for her haughty attitude. She quickly became hated by all the pack, but most fiercely disliked by a five-month-old pup, Tabitha. The pup was equally hated by Winter, and it became a lasting rivalry. Winter mostly stuck to herself for the next few months, observing the plants of Leere Seelen; during said time, she ate little and cared for nothing. Any time she tried to socialize with anyone of the pack, it seemed that Tabitha was always there. She was a rather popular member of the pack, so Winter strayed alone.

At last, Tabitha was of age, and Winter decided it was time to knock some sense into her. It started as an argument, as per usual, one that many of the pack mates joined in. None were on her side, but she was unafraid, just angry. A young friend of Tabitha’s, named Mason, was so involved in the argument, so loyal to his friend, that he actually attempted to cripple her by slashing at her hind tendon, but she quickly tossed him aside and pursued her chosen enemy. The two locked jaws in a violent battle, and they almost seemed equals, but it seemed that Winter’s heavier body mass, experience and adrenaline fuelled by hatred allowed her to come out the victor by surrender. Tabitha admitted defeat, afraid to die, and shamefully left the scene.

Still hated by her packmates, she had no choice but to be off on her own again. Using her knowledge to heal her own wounds, she was better in no time, but was still bitterly angry. Again, she starved, but cared not. Her next encounter with Tabitha was yet again infuriating, but this time she was at least able to convince a pack mate that she was not entirely at fault for everything. His name was Lindsay, and though seemingly proud and distant, he showed a softer side for Winter, and they spent several weeks together. She found herself growing attached, but just as things seemed to be going well, Lindsay disappeared, and bitterness found its way back into her heart. She continued her lonely existence for some time, until one day she discovered that Tabitha had disappeared, and she met with Mason once more. He had grown into a fine yearling, and maturity had come to him early, despite his previous shows of childishness. She decided that he no longer needed to remain a rival, and allowed a slow relationship to form with him. Mason adopted a six-month old pup, Eilir, and through her desperate loneliness she forced her way into the upbringing of the child.

By now both of the leaders of Leere Seelen had disappeared, and the pack dispersed into small, secluded groupings. Unsure of her life and value here, Winter decided that it was time to take her leave, to move on to something better, or at least more interesting. Despite her desperation for attention, she did not want to continue forcing herself into someone else’s relationship where she was not particularly wanted.
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Endless Winters
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