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 The darkness and it's owners

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PostSubject: The darkness and it's owners   Thu Feb 11, 2010 10:41 pm

These lands lay in turmoil and abandon.

Alpha Male: Damean Jager (Deceased) Evander Jager has usurped the throne
Alpha Female: Jaded Jager (Deceased)
Royal Children: ((Damean & Akira's blood:-: Odin / Mercy / Daenerys / Killian / Damkira)) / ((Damean & Lilith by prior mateship:-: Exodus (resides in Midnight Meadows / Legend (forever banned from Jabbar)) (( Damean & Jaded :-: Damean Jr. ))

King's Advisor: Akiko.
Queen's Advisor: Unknown .
Heir's Advisor: None.

Beta Male: .
Beta Female: Akiko.
Beta Children: None

Delta: Akkantrum. (Blade)
Deltas: Petra.
Delta Children: None

All Wolves of Jabbar:
Akkanatrum (Blade)

Healer: Petra
Lead Guardian: Crow
Guardians: Crow, Petra, Akiko, Blade, Eris, Damean, Jaded.

Huntsmaster: There is no hunt master. Just the pack as a whole.
Hunters: Jaded, Crow, Rawbones, Akiko, Petra, Eris, Blade, Damean.

Lead Scout - Eris
Scouts - Jaded, Crow, Rawbones, Akiko, Petra, Eris, Blade, Damean.

Pups: Odin, Mercy, Daenerys, Killian, Damkira.
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The darkness and it's owners
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