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 Matthew Casian

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PostSubject: Matthew Casian   Fri Jul 30, 2010 11:07 am

.General Information.
Formal Curse:
Matthew Casian
Means: Matthew - "Gift of God" Casian - unknown. It is just his surname.
Title[s]: None. He is far from regal.
Alias: Matt

Descent: Timberwolf
Age: 7 years.
Gender: Male
Persona: Psychotic. Bipolar. Matthew has a certain air that is noticed the moment he enters a scene. He is a borderline nihilist, but his profound love of chaos keeps him from fully accepting this label. Death is nothing to him, and it is no consequence to him if he dies or is killed at any moment. He has no epic legacy or title to defend, and so feels there is no need worry about the line between living and not. Thus, he has no qualms about running his mouth, although with a deep and disturbing intelligence about him, to whomever and as long as he pleases, and fears no consequence. He has been quoted as saying that he has never once feared anything in his life. This is undoubtedly true, as witnessed in his nihilistic tendencies. His affairs with chaos are sweet and subtle, not brazen attacks on society, but mind games and minuscule but terroristic actions against others simply because it's pleasing to do so. He is also a masochist and a sadist, taking pleasure in causing the pain of those he would consider family, and begging for pain inflicted by others, sometimes causing fights for the sake of it. He often finds himself needing another scar to add to his list just so he can relax once in a while.
Heart: Dark.
Motto: Everything dies. I'm just waiting in line. / Death is quick. Death is instant. Chaos is forever.

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue:
Mostly black with hints of mahogany and white. His muzzle is beginning to grey, but sparsely and rather elegantly.
Occular Hue: Emerald green. They seem to glow oddly, and he has never known why this is.
Stands: 38" at the shoulder
Weighs: 120 lbs
Form: His body is massive and menacing, adding to his intimidating demeanor. His pillars are lean and sinewy, making him unusually quick for such a large wolf. His tassel is busy, almost luxuriously so. It's a shame such a pretty creation had to be laid to waste by such delightful madness.
Physical Distortions: Countless scars beneath his fur, both battle and self inflicted. A long, slightly raised gash can be seen where Lennox landed his one good hit on his left cheek.

.Family Tree.
Sire: Lucius
Dame: Isabella
Brothers: Tristan Vigo Casian
Sisters: Deceased
Partner: None, though he intends to court Akira until his death.
Whelps: None he has met, though he has bred many by force.
Challengers: Tristan, Lennox William Constantine, Morgan, Jack Sparrow
Minions: None. Hopes to gain Odin's favor
Rank: None yet.

Life Story:

Not doing that right this minute. WAY too long.

Place of Birth: A mountain region not especially distant from the lands of Fire and Ice.
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Matthew Casian
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