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PostSubject: Melusina   Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:46 am

Formal Curse: Melusina Caligae
Title[s]: she claims no titles but her own
Alias: Mel by the daring
Descent: not
even she knows
Age: 2 years have passed since her
Gender: fatale
Persona: Melusina has never been a fem that one wishes to know. If one tried to come up with a comparable persona, it would definitally be said to resemble a snake. Her mind is formidable, the product of a true Caligae upbringing, full of plots and quick to react. Her tongue is sharper than ever due to this, and she carries a disdain for any authority figure. Seen as the bastard child of Lina, Mel has grown up bitter and angry, full of hatred towards her father, Atrix. Due to the fact that her mother was not chosen as his mate, she lost her rightful place as his heir, and for that will never forgive her birth pack. Instead she plots Atrix's downfall even now, though she is out on a missive from him.
Heart: Nothing but darkness
Motto: none

X.Physical Traits.X
Her coat is oddly colored, a mottled mixture of blacks and
greys. At times, especially under the light of the moon, it appears to
glow with a bluish light. Streaks of silver mingle with the overall
black hue, and bright white surrounds her muzzle, shocking against the
dark color of the rest of her coat.[/color]

Occular Hue: Her eyes
are vivid amber pools, standing out against the dull shades of her
pelt. They seem to burn at all times, their depths lit from within.
Yet they hold no real emotion, only a wordless passion, though at what
this fire is directed is unknown.
Stands: 3 feet
in height
Weighs: 83 pounds
Melusina was at one time a beautiful fem, and perhaps still is beneath
the hatred and anger. Lithe and somwhat petite, she is more graceful
than strong. She doesn't have much brawn, but is quick on her feet and
swift over distances, her stamina outlasting most who are larger than
Physical Distortions: none are visible
through her remarkable pelt
X.Family Tree.X
Sire: Atrix
Dame: Lina
Brothers: Dante (half), Daes (half)
Sisters: Tarin (half)
Partner: none
Whelps: none
none left alive
Minions: Daes
Rank: none
as of yet[/size][/font]
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