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 The Alphaess: Kaia

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PostSubject: The Alphaess: Kaia   Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:04 pm

General Information
Name: Kaia
Pronunciation: K-eye-ah
Nickname: Her name is not nearly long enough to be abbreviated.
Titles: She has no official ones yet other than her rank, Alphena.
Age: 3 years
Bloodlines: Many bloodlines flow through her veins.
Gender: Unmistakeably female.

Pelt: ---
Eyes: A vivid gold, exotic in shape.
Scars: None are apparent through her thick fur
Build/Form: coming soon
Other: ---

Persona: Kaia is not the type of wolf one would expect to become an Alphaess. She is insecure and uncomfortable with holding authority. Somewhat quick to anger, she can be moody and prickly. Her time as lead of Hamara has helped her to become used to the ups and downs, but she still wishes she could have passed on the responsibility. At the time, she had felt bound, and now, she can't very well leave. She has a lot of growing to do before she is the type of leader her pack deserves, but with their help, she's sure to improve.
Alignment: neutral/pure
Reasons: She has never swayed towards the darker path, nor does she believe the past should condemn a wolf. Second chances are deserved by everyone.
Likes: ---
Dislikes: ---
Desires/Dreams: She has few dreams, but one day she would like to have a family.
Other: ---

Sire: Hurios
Relationship: Very, very strained.
Dam: Kimi
Relationship: same as father
Brothers: none
Relationships: ---
Sisters: Elianna Amaranta
Relationships: They were good friends.
Love Interests: He who is mentioned below
Courting: One has shown interest, but complications hide the truth.
Mate: none yet
Offspring: none yet

Past Injury/Illness: None that are serious enough to mention.
Place of Birth: The Northern Range Packlands
Significant Events: Finally freeing herself of that life, but having to leave her sister behind.
Life Story: Kaia's life has always been complicated, her struggle against the expectations of others and her own desire to please. From birth she was always the black sheep. Her older status made her heir, but she never wanted it, and no matter how her parents tried to prepare her, she pushed them away. Their tactics were in the right place, but they rarely ever showed her love or support, and their harsh treatment of her made her bitter and moody towards them. Eli was always the one who should have had the position, so in her first year, Kaia ran away. Her sister was the only one to whom she said goodbye.

After wandering for months, she stumbled across a gathering in the lone lands, Sephiroth gathering a band. This was her first meeting with the mysterious, frustrating bru, and since then he has stuck around, as much a pleasant thing as a hated one. She didn't stay with that group for long, however, before moving on. Crossing through Hamara Sydan, her timing was impeccable, just in time to see the preset Alphaess murdered and to be given the rank herself.

Now she rules with Sephiroth still helping her. She can tell that he has more darkness within him than anything else, but is wholly convinced that his intentions towards her are driven by something pure.
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The Alphaess: Kaia
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