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 Fam fam family tree...and update.

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PostSubject: Fam fam family tree...and update.   Thu Aug 12, 2010 12:29 am

Family Tree

Jagarith –

> Damean->
->Damean Jr.
>> Mercy
>Evander **
** Had a son with Elvyra named Serenity. He’s blind in one eye having been attacked by Evander so long ago. He succeeded in killing his daughter Prayer in secret to Elvyra.


-- Baby Girl

(Yalana's sister) Fiona-

Serenity- Has no place yet but has followed Evander for many years.

Epica and Casanova are in Hamara

Teagan and Aslan are in Tiristfal

Liar and Khalon are in Black pearl, where their little girl puppy has just been taken my Harmi to somewhere.

Elvyra has Mercy in the ‘Find a mate board’ I’m thinking I’ll take Serenity, Jenova, and Ripper…I might kill Ripper off though. I can’t get the swing for him…
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Fam fam family tree...and update.
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