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PostSubject: Tangleheart   Tangleheart Icon_minitimeFri Oct 01, 2010 5:11 am

Tangleheart Pretty
::General Information::
Formal Curse: Tangleheart
Means: By Tangleheart's thought, it means that her heart is tangled between good and evil.
Title[s]: None
Alias: None
Descent: Snow wolf
Age: 3 years
Gender: Female
Personality: Tangleheart has a kind nature, but serious when need be. She longs for pups and is amazing with them. During battle, she seems to feel no pain. If she does Tangleheart will try to ignore it and continue battling.
Heart: Pure
Motto: Never give up, never give in.

::Physical Traits::
Pelt color: Pure snowy white with one arrow like streak pointing behind her. It is colored black. Unless she is in snow, Tangleheart is terrible at camouflage.
Eye color: Yellowish brown. More yellow than brown.
Stands: About 40 inches from the ground to her shoulders.
Weighs: 130 pounds.
Form: Tangleheart is long and skinny. She tries to keep herself that way for battles. Tangleheart dosen't look like she's starving though.

::Family Tree::
Sire: Lostus
Dame: Orchan
Brothers: Aquos
Sisters: None
Partner: None
Pups: None
Minions: None

Life Story:
Tangleheart was born as daughter of the alphas of Thuringia, Germany. She was treated above everyone else (except the alphas of course), and hated it. She wanted to be treated like a normal wolf. Her family moved, long after Tangleheart was born. during their travels, Orchan had another child, she called him Aquos. He was killed the night of their arrival. The 'royal' family, as the Thuringia wolves called them was depressed for many nights, but pushed on.
One month later, they arrived here. Tangleheart was relieved that they finally stopped and found a home after days of nonstop walking through unfamiliar places.

Place of Birth: Thuringia, Germany
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