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PostSubject: [[Frostblood]]   Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:27 am

X.General Information.X

Formal Curse: Frostblood
Title[s]: None.
Alias: Frost, but commonly goes by his full name as well.
Decent: He is a mixture of different breeds including Timber, Arctic and Alaskan Malamute, giving him a beautiful, diverse look.
Age: 6 years.
Gender: Male.
Persona: An average killer with a lust for blood, Frost is also known as a stalker and a forcer, although his actions are very subtle. One might never guess his intentions until it is too late. For a large portion of his life, he was much too cocky for his own good, and it earned him the scar across his eye and the limp in his left hind. Now, he is never one to underestimate his enemies nor his targets and victims, although his temper may put him in a bad situation from time to time. For the mostpart, though, he knows how to humble himself when the time is right, benefitting himself. He enjoys the company of a woman, and is always sure to put on the charm just for them. In the presence of a male, however, he is put on edge and a lot less eager to socialize. Frost is not typically a loyal or trustworthy wolf, but if he sees fit, he will dedicate some of his time to another. For example, he raise a daughter of his with utmost care, until she was ready to part with him of her own will. Due to his own personality and deceptive ways, he feels that he too should never trust in another wolf, for he may find himself on the receiving end of his own treatment.

Heart: He is dark at heart, and there is nothing more to it.
Motto: Always look over your shoulder.

X.Physical Traits.X

Peltage Hue:
His coat is a deep obsidian hue with white colourations in the face and forelegs, some of the ivory colour washed upon his belly and hind legs. It does not reach his tail, however, and the rest of his form lies in darkness.
Occualr Hue: His eyes are each a shade of sapphire, though his right eye has grown pale with blindness. A scar lies over the eyes, leaving the memory upon his face forever.
Stands: He stands 40" at the tips of his auds.
Weighs: 124 lbs of solid muslce.
Form: Frostblood is very lean, but is very solid everywhere on his body. The hair around his face and mane is long, giving him an eerie and dreadfully mysterious look. He has few scars, the but the ones most noticeable include the one from top to bottom across his right eye, as well as a large, missing patch of fur on his left hind, and several markings over his shoulders.
Physical Distortions: None.

X.Family Tree.X

Sire: Unknown.
Dame: Unknown.
Brothers: Red X (whereabouts unknown).
Sisters: None.
Partner: He has no mate, and will likely never take one. There was only one fae he felt particularly attached to, and she went by the name of Purgatory. But, too depressed by the death of her own son, she committed suicide, ripping her own body to pieces. Frostblood believes the series of events leading up to her death were utlimately in order to make him suffer for a lifetime of cheating. He also once took an interest in a tough fatale named Brutal, the femora that weaned his daughter; but, when she discovered his acts of rape, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with him. She weaned the child for him and took her leave. He has no current interests, though it is possible for any woman to catch his eye, no matter how outwardly (or inwardly) hideous.
Whelps: He raised one daughter, whom he named Silverfrost, and he knows of another daughter and son, though he has never met them. If he has helped spawn any other offspring, he is unaware of them, though he knows it is very likely that they roam the earth somewhere.
Challengers: He has left any behind.
Minions: None.
Rank: He has always takent he rank of spy or assassin.


Life Story:
[will get to it eventually]
Place of Birth: He does not speak of the place that he was born.

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