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PostSubject: Re: Check it out   Fri Dec 31, 2010 3:43 am

Hmmm has some strange 'rules'... =/ Alot going on...like over alot...
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PostSubject: Check it out   Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:24 am


We seek RPers of any kind, active posters, Beginners and Advanced.
We have places open for Staff Members

"In ancient times there were two gods that lived in the skies of earth. They created land that wolves roam on today.
As years passed through, the humans became too corrupted and power hungry that they started killling the wolves by the hundereds and destroyed their land.
For many years, the wolves lived suffering lives and hid in fear of humans. The wolves started begging the gods to help them.

"The time will come when the brightest wolf of the forest will lead you to paradise."
Indeed, it did. The wolf had miraculous powers, elements, speed and strength, and his name was Spirit.
Spirit took the surviving wolves and brought them to the lands high in the sky where they were safe from humans. The land above was much more heavenly, looking much like Earth. Only with more shelter, food and sources.
Spirit was sent down to save the last wolf but did not return back alive. Spirit was wounded by human, but he used up the last of his miraculous strength to bring the wolf to 'Paradise'
The wolf was safe and Spirit died peacefully. The gods saw everything that happened, Spirit's broad heart like the sky and how he used his powers thoughtfully. They renamed those wolves: Spirits of the Sky

The saved wolves slowly changed and developed deep loyalty, devotion, and protectiveness for the sky gods and they worshipped Spirit like god itself.

After many years of loyalty, devoting themselves to Spirit as their Savior. The gods rewarded them for their long years of trust and belief.
They became more cunning, they were able to grow wings, roam in abnormal colored pelts, and control a unique power. They gained quick alert senses and had fast reactions.
The gods spoke their last words to the Spirits of the Sky:
"Your strength can be put into good, bad or indifferent use. What you do is your choice. But understand, wolf sacrificed itself for peace. If you wish for blood-shed. Paradise will be gone."

Why Join?

  • We are needing active role-players ranging from different levels
  • We welcome all levels and are newbie friendly
  • There are spots open for staff! (We are seeking good Manip Designers and maybe someone to help design skins)
  • Friendly staff and many boards to post on
  • We have a Chatbox+Music+Characters of the month+Contests+Events
  • We have a "Daily News-Feeder" along with Our monthly season changes
  • We have a range of coat colors, eye colors, Markings and patterns along with 'special' powers each wolf may claim according to their activeness and posting along with advertising!
  • Lots of territories are to be claimed!
  • Unlimited characters you can make
  • We love wolves... Just like you.

Come join us... Will you side with the dark and start blood-bath, stand in the middle and help both... Or will you follow the wolf who sacrificed himself for those years of peace?
Find your destiny... Along with us:
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Check it out
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