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 just so you know...

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PostSubject: just so you know...   Wed Jan 12, 2011 2:56 am

okay just so you guys know I plan to move things around. I'm no longer playing the clan thing that role has gotten boring for me so I'm sending my wolves to different packs.

Junior and Amor are going to the Pearl
JR and Glory are staying in Muerta
Gladiator and Archillis are staying in Jabbar
Omisis will end up in one of he pure packs I'm thinking Midnight Meadows not to sure
Armedia is going to a pure pack also

And last Smile my newest character will pop up soon. Where he is going is a mystery to me to. lol

I'm separating them so It's easier to play them all They will die of natural causes or of murder because Harmi is still going to be popping up every now ans then Causing trouble. Can't get rid of my crazy boy now can I?
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just so you know...
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