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PostSubject: [[-WotM-]]   Mon Jan 17, 2011 9:45 pm

Wolves of the Moon

A new darkness has arisen from the unknown, more dangerous than anything before it, and it is hellbent on revenge, eager to cause suffering upon any who oppose its will; do you have the courage to stand in its way and force it back into the depths of evil from which it came, or will you run and hide until it is your turn to suffer and die? Choose your side wisely and follow your heart, for to choose falsely to save your hide will not turn out the way you expected; the darkness will know, and conquer all who shy fearfully away from their own beliefs... Those who live by the heart might just stand a chance.

But demons are not the only threat that walk the lands creating mayhem. Males have been going missing, or are found brutally beaten and disfigured - some are even found dead, most could not be identified. Nobody knows what force is behind the attacks yet, and its causing quite a stir amongst all of the packs. And on top of that, there is an unusually large amount of dogs claiming their stake of territory nearby. Rumours have been flying that some of these dogs might still have human ties, and are bringing great danger with them... As tensions build, trust will not be easy to come by for any canine, because nobody knows who is behind the attacks and who might be an associate.

I know you're all eagerly awaiting to see it... Wolves of the Moon, revamped, renewed and ready to go! All we're in need of are active, literate roleplayers and pack leaders. Vari Udu is ready for roleplay, as are the lone lands. Create a character with as many unique traits as you please, and start roleplaying today!

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