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PostSubject: Re: Brothers   Brothers Icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 3:12 pm

Brothers Jarl_wolf_complete

.General Information.
Formal Curse: Jarl
Means: Leader
Title[s]: None
Alias: Blood Eye
Decent: Old artic wolf line,with recent interbreed of a Gray wolf .
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Persona: A cheerfull and happy pup... until he was traumatised, by being chased off .
Since then he is a fustratet ,angry and hot-headed wolf ,
but he is also a charmant , good and funny wolf if he wants to
or he knows you.He is a very complikatet sool.
Altough he is a bit aggresive , he is also a very caring person.
He hates evil and bloodspilling pack's .But beacuse of all
his piled up anger he isn't a tottaly pure person.
Heart: neutral
Motto: “ Care the living curse.”

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue: White around his mouth and white gray from his nose to the rest of his body ,
and some yellow-gray arount his legs.
Occular Hue: Blood Red Eyes
Stands: 32 inches
Weighs: 77 kg
Form: Muscalar and aerodynamic builded, he is verry fast and
you can see that at his strong hind legs.
Physical Distortions: Scars near and over his eyes.
.Family Tree.
Sire: Unknown
Dame: Laissira
Brothers: Halvor
Sisters: None
Partner: None
Whelps: None
Challengers: None
Minions: None
Rank: None Yet, wishes to join a pack
Life Story:
When told to leave the pack, halvor admitted , but Jarl did not. The Packleader did not like his answer and attacked,
He scratched over Jarl's eyes. Jarl was blinded by the attack and ran away. But because he did not see enything
he fell of a clif .He was lucky his brother Halvor was down the clif .The first days halvor did carried Jarl through the land ,
after some days Jarl could walk again and followd Halvor by his scent . After weeks have past Jarl started too see again. But thanks to his blindness he heard more than others ,he smelled more .But they didn't had much to eat, because they were young ,they did not have the skill of hunting or the knowledge of healing plants they almost starved to death. there but one day they found a rabbit and with teamwork they did kill it,
so after all they finally did eat somthing . After a time, they learned themselves how to hunt and use the land.
They did build some reserves and rebuilded their strenght.
Now they are adult and looking for a pack and mates.

Place of Birth: In the Artic norths

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Brothers Empty
PostSubject: Brothers   Brothers Icon_minitimeSat Feb 05, 2011 4:42 am

Brothers Halvor

.General Information.
Formal Curse: Halvor
Means: “trusted friend”
Alias: Nighteye
Decent: Old artic wolf line,with recent interbreed of a Gray wolf , being responsible for his deep
black color
Age: 4
Gender: male
Persona: You will never be able to truly know this wolf,as he shields himself off from the outside world
and curious wolves alike. Whats now of him is that he is a calm hunter,and tends to be a loner.
Even in the social “confines” of a pack (sometimes he refers to it as that) he has developed a tendency to solitarism,
somtimes dissapearing for days,patrolling the woods and stalking for prey and intruders. The only moment when he lives
up is when he can tease someone. At his best he is is pragmatistic, at his worst he is sarcastic. But, he is a loyal and trusted friend when needed.
Heart: neutral,but tending towards pure
Motto: “Hope you see me, before I see you.”

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue:Black, with a lighter brown hue on his belly and hind legs
Occular Hue: very light blue, tends to reflect.
Stands: 45 inches
Weighs: 89 kgs
Form: A very large and powerfull looking wolf, but not so fast.
Physical Distortions: verry light eyes, at night they reflect with a blue heu
.Family Tree.
Sire: Unknown
relation: never knew
Dame: Laissira
relation: strained
Brothers: Jarl
relation: troubled, but friendly
Sisters: none
relation: none
Partner: none
relation: none
Whelps: none
relation: none
Challengers:none (at the moment)
Minions: none ( at the moment)
Rank: Unranked, wishes to join a pack soon
Life Story:
After he was born, as soon as he could walk and fend from himself, he was trhown out of the pack that lived
amongst the ice wastes. The reason behind was that his father, an unknown outsider, mated with an high ranking
wolf, Laissiri. The artic pack was very anxious to keep its bloodlines “pure” , and thus had thrown out Halvor and
his his twin brother Jarl out of the pack. After many moths , the almost-starved wolfs arrived in the more fertile
southern lands. After a year of hunting and building up reserves , they decided it was time to search for a pack.

Place of Birth: In the artic norths

Has met: Jarl,Kovu

Jaredrion has permission to post Jarls profile here

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