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 The Phantom off the north

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PostSubject: The Phantom off the north   Sun Feb 06, 2011 4:37 am

.General Information.
Formal Curse: Congen
Pronounciation: Con-ggen
Means: King
Title[s]: Phantom
Alias: Belial
Decent: Artic wolf.
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Persona: If you where able to bring this wolf out of his balance, you wouldn't notice it.
Congen is as unmovable as the icy mounatians he used to live. He has a disgust of lesser creatures
adn weak wolves, and would gladly end their lives. Unlike his appearance would suggest he is
utterly evil. He gladly enjoys the suffering of other creatures, especially if it's his hand (paw?) that delivers pain and sorrow. He is a sort of obsessed by his own attitude, making sure he is constantly as royal as he thinks he is, constantly beating lower wolves into submission, it's an unhealty thing to stand up against him. Although he may not look like it, Congen is an experienced fighter and more important , he never hesitates in killing his oponent. Rumors are that he has never been hit by any of his opponents. Furthermore, he has perfectionated his stalking skill into the amazing, constantly appearing and dissapearing as if he where a ghost. This has earned him the dreaded title "Phantom of the North".
He has an ever-distrusting view of life, making it almost impossible for him to make any friends.
Heart: Dark,Ice-chilled Dark
Motto: “Suffer not the weak to live.”

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue: Pure white
Occular Hue: gold/brown
Stands: 39 inches
Weighs: 84 kg
Form: While not looking particulary powerfull, he has an majestic and fearsome aura
around him.
Physical Distortions: No marks or scars are to be found on his body.
.Family Tree.
Sire: Glacier (deceased)
Dame: Icetorn
relation: very strained, different ideals.
Brothers: Verthan (deceased) and Bhaal
Sisters: Khana
Whelps: none
Minions: none
Rank: none, he has no pack and doesn't wishes to join one (For now).

Life Story:
Congen's past is a particulary bloody one, even at his birth he started his 7-year rampage , by killing his nest
brother Verthan. Blessed with an good growth, at an age of 3 he chased of his older brother Bhaal
And at his 6 he kills his father , to upsurp leadership of the pack. Later he chases of 2 un-pure pups, wounding one of them. However, not everybody praised his bloody way of rule, and soon
Congen found the entire pack turning against him, and no he lives an live in exile, hungry for revenge.
He is in search of his brother Bhaal and other like-minded (read: Dark) wolves, to form up, and reconquer his

Place of Birth: The Artic norths
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The Phantom off the north
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