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PostSubject: x| Eden |x   Tue Feb 08, 2011 12:17 am

[u>.General Information.

Name: Eden
Pronounced: EED'n
Meaning: Place of Pleasure
Decent: 50% Cascade Mountain Wolf, 50% Gray Wolf
Age: 3 ½ years (give or take a few months
Gender: Female

A trickster. Full of spirit and the gall to live life to it's fullest. One only lives for so long, so why waste it taking it slow? Eden is the sort who rushes into things without much thought on many occasions. She can be gentle, or forceful; but cruelty isn't really one of her whims - at least not commonly. However, being a liar, she knows how to put on a good performance. Only problem being the risk that sometimes she can't tell the difference between the act and reality of the matter.

Although she inherited a sense of temperamental behavior, pulling tricks and silly little aspects like "personal space" really don't exist in her world. Eden simply knows how to balance and prefers to walk a thin line between having a little fun and being completely and absolutely reckless.

Heart of Hearts: Undecided
Motto: None adopted yet.

.Physical Traits.

Pelt: Multiple shades, ranging from White to Black, Silver, Brown, Tawny & Gray

Nothing in terms of large or petite, Eden is your average sized female wolf. With a somewhat thick fur coat around the body and neck; thinning out along each limb and accompanied by a bushy tail. The female's legs are coated in a pale alabaster, growing towards a creme hue as it creeps up towards her body until it blends away into a mess of color. The majority of Eden's front body is dark and rich, smudging away into locks of gold and brown. Overall however, it's obvious her pelt is a canvas of many tones and shades.

Eyes: Blue
Stands: 3 ft. 2 in.
Weighs: 89 lbs.

.Family Tree.

Father: Khabur
Mother: Amalthea
Littermates: Rome [m] & Babylon [f]

Mate: None
Offspring: None


Pack: None
Rank: None
Previous Packs: n/a
Previous Ranks: n/a

Challengers: n/a
Minions: n/a

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x| Eden |x
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