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PostSubject: x__Echo__x   Sat Feb 19, 2011 4:42 am

*I realize this isn't the only wolf named Echo in the forums. Just use his alias if you're uncomfortable.

_General Information_
Formal Curse: Echo
Means: “repetition of sound by reflection of sound waves”
Title[s]: The Last
Alias: K.O. (it’s a long story)
Decent: British Columbia Wolf
Age: 2 years
Gender: Male
Persona: Echo is a very motivated and striving wolf. He feels nothing out there can really stop him physically or psychologically as long as he fights it the whole way through. Echo has always kept faith in himself and life. That being said, he is known to be quite rebellious at times. He doesn’t usually show much emotion, and when he does, it has a tendency to come off as anger. Overall though, he is someone you can always depend on if help is severely needed.
Heart/Pack: Neutral
The purpose of life is a life of purpose.”
_Physical Traits_
Peltage Hue: Black with Maize underbelly
Occular Hue: Green-Yellow
Stands: 42” at shoulders
Weighs: 153 lbs
Form: Tall, bulky frame that is well kept and pretty muscular. He has very outsized paws and long ears fitted on a boxy-structured head. His features, though diverse, look natural.
Physical Distortions: Scattered gray hairs on his face make him appear more regal, yet older than he actually is. Besides that, he does not have any fighting scars.
_Family Tree_
Sire: Thorn
Dame: Ophira
Brothers: Radar (Deceased)
Sisters: Cirius (Alias: C.)
Partner: none currently
Whelps: none currently
Challengers: none currently
Minions: none currently
Rank: no rank
Life Story: Long ago, Echo’s species thrived across great distances of thickly vegetated wilderness outside the land of Fire and Ice. Within a decade, however, almost the entire population disappeared due to excessive hunting and a nearly spontaneous loss of habitat. Most believed British Columbia wolves were completely extinct. Only a tightly-knit group of eleven wolves remained. Because of such dire situations, Echo’s upbringing, as well as that of his siblings Radar and Cirius, was highly praised by everyone, yet deprived at best. The clan devoted itself to their survival, but sometimes it just wasn’t enough.
When Echo and Radar reached age two, plans had been arranged for them to mate with other members of the clan to ensure the species’ existence. Before such things could ever go through, the group reached its breaking point and began to deteriorate. Radar would be killed from untreated illness and a broken hind leg caused by an accident during a hunt. Shortly after, the only three females besides his sister and mother became too sick to brood pups, and would later perish. All eyes turned to Echo, being the last remaining male offspring. He was not the only male wolf, yet he was the youngest and held the future of the species.
He knew his responsibility. He knew there were others besides him that depended on him. He knew he was under pressure to produce and take authority. He knew he’d be missed. Despite all Echo knew, he abandoned the group late one winter night as all the others slept. Echo became a nomadic wanderer, and eventually would unknowingly meander into the land of Fire and Ice. The dread and guilt from his decision to leave still inundates his mind from time to time. On the other hand, he knows the group could still be alive, and he has gained more knowledge and muscle on his own then he ever would with them. He has always kept to his own instincts and his own morals (even in a clan), yet he is willing to settle anywhere there is life. Echo’s goal: to live, because as far as everyone else is concerned, he is The Last.
Place of Birth: unknown
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