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 Illusion Of The Ice

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PostSubject: Illusion Of The Ice   Fri Mar 25, 2011 12:42 am

_General Information_
Formal Curse: Ice Illusion
Nickname: Ice
Decent: unknown
Age: 4 years
Gender: Female

Persona: Her looks do her well, covering her scars with a beautiful pelt that is as white as the flakes that fall from the sky. She knows her place in a pack, but that does not mean she is a push over when it comes to defending her name, honour, or alliance. A real sweetheart if you’re on her good side but i dare you to test the other. Her temper can run short with those that are ignorant, or those that betray those who trust them.
Heart/Pack: Her heart lies with the light, for the lights are the true path to pureness
“Watch the ice, it will play ticks on you, cloud your mind, cause you to become delirious, watch the ice create illusions”
_Physical Traits_

Peltage Hue: Snow white
Ocular Hue: an icy blue
Stands: 38” at shoulders

Weighs: 140 lbs. of a muscular build
Tall and lean, she is quite built for her breed, long slender legs and a large thick coat.

Physical Distortions: Pure snow white, no visible scars on her but not all scars are visible
_Family Tree_
Sire: Mysterious Illusions (deceased/not from here)
Icy Storm (deceased/not from here)
Brothers: none
Sisters: none
Partner: none currently
Whelps: none currently
Challengers: none currently
Minions: none currently
Rank: Loner; no pack
Life Story: Born in the hardships of an icy plains, she was the only one of her litter to survive as they were born unusually late in the season with an early snow storm. She grew up in a small pack with her parents being beta's, she learned her place and to contribute to the pack early on as it was essential to its survival. The year following her second season was harsh and wiped out over half the pack, including her parents. The alphas took her in and continued forth in search of food.
One day they encountered another pack of wolves, darks. She was frightened as she had only heard stories of such wolves from the elders. It was a great battle of territory and food, unfortunately her pack was on the losing end of this scuff. She managed to fight her way out of the scene, but since then she has been wandering the lands in search of a new home.
Place of Birth: Caves Buried Deep within the Glaciers
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Illusion Of The Ice
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