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 River's Boys and Girls

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PostSubject: River's Boys and Girls   River's Boys and Girls Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 9:46 pm


River's Boys and Girls Ritila10
General Information
Given Name: Ritilan
Pronunciation: RIT-a-lan
Meaning: a brand of Methylphenidate in its hydrochloride form
Title/s Gained: Sleepless One
Nickname/s: Rit
Gender: Male
Current Age: 4
Breed: Grey x Arctic

Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Flaxen honey
Coat Coloration: White with hints of black down his muzzle and on paws
Voice Tone: Baritone
Height: 32"
Weight: 126
Length: 5' 7"
Scars: Many scars litter his pelt, but one prominent scar are the claw marks running from the middle of his maw down the right side.
Full Body Appearance: His coat consists of three major layers.
The first being closest to the skin, and bearing the softest, thickest white fur of his being, and made for holding most of the warmth to his frame.
The second, another white layer, being not as thick, still held the trait of helping hold heat to his body, and was slightly waterproof.
The third and final layer, was the waterproof gray layer, that was spattered around his coat, missing in patches from scars of fighting.
Over all, his frame is average, if not a tad small for a male of his breed. Not made for speed, but not made for brute force either. Simply he was just...made.

Family/Social Information
Grand Sire: Feavured Night
Grand Dame: Blasphyme
Sire: Opium
Dame: Ribloa {d}
Brother/s: Thymine
Sister/s: Haunted Flower
Other Kin: Morphine (half-sister)
Closest Friend:
Courting/Courted by:
Mate: Ecstacy
Whelps: Hoshgenki and Homnia
Personal Information
Alignment & Loyalties: First and foremost, his loyalties are to himself and no one else. He is dark of mind, but that doesn't mean he will always agree with one of dark mind if it does not suit him. Can be a little alignment fluid, going where things and agreeing (or not agreeing) with what suits him.
Personality: More often then not, no wolven has met another quite like him. One moment he is there and caring, gentlemanly and the works, and the next he's off on some rampaging scheme. Rarely does he choose sides in a matter, preferring to make his own side, on which he is alone. Ritalin is simply a complex wolf. Do one thing wrong in his eyes, and he couldn't care if you were drowning or starving, his nose would turn up like you weren't even there. Do something admirable, or something that he admires, and he might do you a favour or two. Is not afraid to bend code, or rules.Interests:
o Females
o Silence
o Winter
o Sunsets
o Rivers

- Whelps
- Cockiness
- Females with a mind of their own (or thinking they're better then him)
- Heat
- Whiners

+ Patience
+ Thinks Outside of the Box
+ Black and White judgment
+ Listens to full/all sides of a story (Unless he doesn't care)

! Tends to be silent when it counts the most
! Rarely has a good alibi
! Easily snaps
! Can't come up with good excuses
! Often doesn't help when he should

Views on Life and Death: Those who cry and mourn for the dead deserve to be ridiculed. Death is simply the beginning of another life. Death is the release of this accursed life into a better one. Be glad that your death is soon, and at hand, it will lead to better things. Life is simply hell.
Views on Purity: True purity cannot exist. It is impossible. To be truly pure, you cannot have a shred of darkness in your heart, and anything that makes you anger, hate, or rebel, is darkness. Jealousy, vanity, envy. All are forms of darkness that live in everyone's hearts. No one can be truly pure.

Views on Darkness:
Darkness...something that is, in a nutshell, a part of everyone. Every heart contains darkness, and every heart will. You can't deny that you have darkness within yourself, anything that is felt that isn't joy or happiness has some form of darkness. In short, we are all dark wolven
Views on the Pack: A pack is mearly a disestablished mess of lone wolven who crave to be in the company of others. They create what could be called the 'Perfected Mess' with their ranks and feeble attempt at creating a stable hierarchy.

Views on Her/Himself: Me? Well, I have done nothing wrong. I am simply just the man of freedom. Nothing I have done has given anyone right to say that I am mad, or that I should be slain. I live how I choose, and those around me must adjust.

Place of Birth: --
Birthplace Meaning: --
Past Injuries/Illnesses: --
Main History:
He was born into decent parentage, as most young pups are. Loving mother, caring father... Well, at least the 'loving mother' part. Never had he really seen his father during pup hood; though that was due to Opium being a bit of a forcer, and going where he pleased, when he pleased, not caring of what he left behind.

Ritalin was one surviving pup of a litter of four. The first was stillborn, and then came Thymine and Haunted Flower. He was born last. Thymine was the runt of the litter, while Ritalin was one of the larger; Haunted Flower was the largest. He is also the only one to have a coat of snow. Brother was black and sister was brown. An odd crew they were, alone with their mother, trying to hunt and survive, just the four of them.

Dear mother, Lady Ribloa, died shortly after the pups had aged two of a dark sickness that had no name to them but The Madness. After that, not much is known of Haunted and Thy, as the trio split, and went separate ways. What is known is that Haunted Flower found her legs as a respected member of a darker pack, and Thy found himself amidst creatures of a purer kind.

Ritalin however, never found pack life to his suiting. Every pack he had been near had never fit his life style, and couldn't handle his attitude. Either there were too many rules, too goody two-shoes for him, or they were too demanding, saying he had to be this brutal and cruel.
In the end, he stole away from everyone as a loner, a rogue, a renegade. This is how he lived.

Alone he lived, and slowly he became what he had once hated. More and more he found himself acting like his father; not caring, going and coming as he pleased and doing things he should regret. One of these cases got him in major trouble.

No longer could he remember her true name, but to him she was his Ecstasy; his pure, sweet Ecstasy. A great find she had been, and he had even thought himself enamored for a spell. That was until the night she had refused him.

He had never once been refused. Anger over took him, and with rage and lust, he beat her, and took little Ecstasy as his own. Against her choosing. Forcing her, he imbued her with his seed, then took off and left her on her own. He couldn't stand the sight of her any longer.
After that...well, not much was heard between the two of them until his lady and her new knight appeared before him one day, with two small pups. In anger, her new suitor, Nolan, attacked Ritalin with great anger, rage, and hate. The lady had been scarred, and he was there to take revenge.

After a bloody battle, the two stood before each other, panting and torn to pieces. Ritalin stood up and turned on the pair and his pups, and left once more. He had won, but no prize was claimed, he had never wanted those whelps anyway.

So goes his slightly dark and troubled past, that leaves him bearing scars, and the haunting dreams of being attacked once more and losing to that male. To the one that had dared to claim his love and kin.
River's Boys and Girls Ritilan_Tag_End_by_RiversOblivion
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Number of posts : 19
Age : 25
Pawprints : 40
Registration date : 2011-04-22

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PostSubject: Re: River's Boys and Girls   River's Boys and Girls Icon_minitimeFri Apr 22, 2011 10:21 pm


River's Boys and Girls Morphine_Tag_one_by_RiversOblivion

River's Boys and Girls Morphi10_800x600
General Information
Given Name: Morphine
Pronunciation: more-FEEN
Title/s Gained: Painless One
Nickname/s: Morph
Gender: Female
Current Age: 3
Breed: Arctic

Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Green
Coat Coloration: White
Voice Tone:
Height: 3ft 5in
Weight: 90lbs
Scars: Scattered scars on left foreleg, and one above her left eye.
Full Body Appearance:

Family/Social Information
Grand Sire:
Grand Dame:
Dame: Katrina
Other Kin:
Closest Friend:
Courting/Courted by:
Personal Information
Alignment & Loyalties:
Personality: A young wolf, she shows it easily by tending to be a bit naive, though don't underestimate her. She knows how to spot the devils in a group, and knows when evil is afoot. Often will make distasteful jokes, and is highly sarcastic, not caring what others think. Negative comments towards her seem to roll off like water on a duck's back, and she seems to take no mental or physical pain. Is very good at guarding her innermost being, and often reserves the best part of herself for no one.
Traits: Seemingly doesn't feel pain
Views on Life and Death:
Views on Purity:
Views on Darkness:
Views on the Pack:
Views on Her/Himself:

Place of Birth:
Birthplace Meaning:
Past Injuries/Illnesses:
Main History:
Born to only a mother, she grew up to be quite a momma's girl, and did much with her mother, never knowing nor really worrying about who her father was. To her, it wasn't a big deal, and the stories her mother told her about him were not the best, so she believed that it was better off that they never meet, and nothing come between the two of them. It wasn’t until she aged a bit more, and when the two of them tried to live in a pack for a while that she became curious, as she saw other pups with both of their parents, and the joy they had, being all together. There was a time when she wanted that for her own.
It was the death of her mother that caused her a lot of fault. Then again, her mother really wasn’t dead. In her old age, Katrina had become quite demanding of Morphine, and it started to take a toll on her. Often enough she was told that she was so like her father, the ‘lying, cheating, dirty bastard’ her mother often referred to him as. She often had to ‘be’ older then she really was in order to please her mother, and stood by her side as she went through male after male. The disappearance of Morphine’s father was starting to take a toll on her mother Katrina, and each male her mother found was worse then the last.
After the few years of this, maybe it was only two, she never really kept track, Morphine had decided she had enough of her mother, and often spoke out against her and whatever male she was with, becoming quite the rebellious youngster. It was one time, when Morphine was living with her mother still, and there was a new male who had stuck around for quite some time with his own kids, when she went to go play with some friends and her friend’s older brother came around. Needless to say it ended in a bloody fight, where her friend’s brother did most of the bleeding. She was not one for males, not after watching her mother run through them, and he had to have been at least three years older. It was not something she enjoyed trying to be forced into.
Shortly after, they left from where they lived; her mother, her mother’s male, and herself. A few more months in a new place and Morphine was constantly belittled, and treated as a waste of time, space, air, and became a ghost to her mother and her mate. One night, when her mother had gone especially crazy and left her alone, to her own devices, Morphine jumped from a rock, and sliced up her left leg, as well as cutting into her skull, just above her left eye. Running from the place half-blinded by the blood, she left her mother and the male, vowing to never return.
And to find her father.

River's Boys and Girls Morphine_Tag_End_by_RiversOblivion
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River's Boys and Girls
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