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 flamewolf6 's characters and herself

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.General Information.
Formal Curse: Namaria
Alias: Nama
Descent: one of the trisifal members was her grandmother
Age: 2
Gender: Female
Persona: It depends on her mood. She can be very kind. With her pregnancy,however, She has become very tempermental,easily ticked off or hurt.
Heart: Light
Motto: Don't get too angry and forgive, for you never know when one of your family is going to die.

.Physical Traits.
Peltage Hue: blonde with some red streaks around her temples and paws
Occular Hue: mainly blue but there are some specks of white in the iris'
Weighs: 70lbs
Form: She looks smaller but her stomach is well filled,and when you look after a moment you can see little paws kicking the sides of her stomach. She has a decent body for a wolf though.
Physical Distortions: Her paw looks to be in need of some attention, as does a couple of claw marks along her back. She has a scar above her right eye.
.Family Tree.
Sire: Jerod
Dame: Maria
Brothers: deceased
Sisters: deceased
Partner: Daniel(deceased)
Whelps: not born yet but will be four here later
Challengers: none
Minions: none
Rank: (within a pack you have rank(s). Some packs hand out ranks to every wolf. Check on that before joining)
Life Story:
She was born to Jerod and Maria two years ago during mating season. Nothing really eventful happened except really a playfight when she was little turned wrong and her play partner really slashed the crap out of part of her forehead(hence the scar above her right eye.) about two weeks ago she was part of a large pack battle that killed everyone she knew....even her mate. She moved on,looking for a new family and a new life.
Place of Birth: unknown
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flamewolf6 's characters and herself
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