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 .The Packs.

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PostSubject: .The Packs.   Thu Aug 05, 2010 11:10 pm

Tirisfal Meadows is a sprawling territory of rich resources. The current leader is Balthier and he is a strong wolf with a noble heart. The wolves that reside here believe themselves more civilized than their neighboring pack. They tend to embody a sense of morality and fairness. Here a wolf could live comfortably with threats only coming from the outside. 

Sacrifice Forest is a heavily wooded land runs to the west of the world. Here the young Echo is leader. She has a troubled soul but a strong heart. Wolves that live here closely associate with Survival of the fittest.  A pack where strength often determines the justice metered out. They believe Tirisfal a weaker pack and they superior due to their might. 
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.The Packs.
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