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 Ember- the wolf of mysteries

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PostSubject: Ember- the wolf of mysteries    Wed Nov 30, 2011 2:21 pm

Name: Ember
Colour of pelt: pure white
Colour of eyes: ember
Type of wolf: Arctic wolf
Personality: very protective of anyone he is close to because of his horrible past. First his parents were killed by a bear so Ember and his brothers and sisters ran away but soon Ember's siblings were killed by a brown wolf and now he is by himself. But he does know one wolf that is not dead. Her name is Quest and he would do anything for her.
Enemy's: A brown wolf named Duststorm who killed his brothers and sisters, Torack who is the bear that killed his parents and one more that he hasn't told anyone.
Mate: A beautiful raven coloured wolf named Quest.
Gender: Male
Pups: Cloudpelt, Shadow, Slade and Icedancer.
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Ember- the wolf of mysteries
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