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 .:<'Adena Metallika'>:.

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PostSubject: .:<'Adena Metallika'>:.   Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:20 pm

Generally speaking..
Formal Name: Adena Metallika.
Meaning: "Fire", or "flame". {Metallika has no meaning.}
Alias/Nickname: Deen, Dena.
Breed: Tibetan Wolf.
Age: Three years and four months.
Sex: Fae; she wolf; female.
Personality: Adena is a particular wolf. Her name and it's meaning suit her personality well; fiery. She's a rather outgoing fae, talkative and friendly. She has a moderate sense of humor, and many things will get a snicker from her, or an unnecessary dose of sarcasm. Although, she has a short temper for unintelligent, insulting, and rude wolves, and isn't afraid to let that be known. Although on the same note she respects packs, and tries to avoid troubles with them. She's got the pure instincts of a wolf, and if her gut tells her something, she will refuse to follow through with the decisions that caused it, often coming out on top of things because of her recoil. It's difficult to gain trust of her, and she may fool you with this factor. Adena will act fully friendly, trusting, and rather ditsy, even. But at the point of meeting, Adena has zero trust for that other wolf, even if it seems so. To gain her trust one must prove themselves numerous times, and trust Adena in return. This fae has a hard time staying in one place, she is constantly on the move, getting the point across, and dealing only with things that are important and worth her time. She will, with no doubt stand up fully for what she believes in, and will be the rebel to reject a decision if she finds it unfair, or ridiculous. Adena is a quick thinker, swift and agile. In the past she has been in numerous packs, but not for long. She has now gained the sense of independence, and is just that. She doesn't a pack. Yet surprisingly, her best trait is her loyalty. She is fully committed to anyone she trusts.
Motto: "You play with my fire, you're going to get burned." Simple as that.

The outer shell..
Coat Color: Adena's coat color is one that makes her stand out among the others. A light copper color begins at the very tip of her snout, and inclines to her forehead, fading out to a light brassy golden. This coats her harks, and falls back down to the nape of her neck. As the shade reaches the middle of her back it becomes a lighter, subtle shade-it becomes a color similar to a ripe orange's pulp, with flecks of lighter blonde streaks. Once again this color darkens to a soft copper at the base of her tail. Moving down Adena's body vertically, the golden color gradually fades to a soft cream, then an off white.
Eye Color: The optics of this wolf are bright and bold, with a cool crisp silvery ocean shade to them. Deep and intellectual, yet shining and enthusiastic.
Height: 29" at the withers.
Weight: 48 lbs.
Body Form: Adena is on the small side for a young adult wolf. She has a small frame, and appears to be fragile and dainty. Strong bones and an agile disposition defy this assumption, for this female has just as much chance in a fight as a male wolf almost double the size of her. Skills make up for her size, and her swift moves and merciless attitude when it comes to battle pays off for loss of body mass rather well. Not the fiercest or most intimidating looking wolf for sure, but Adena can hold her own.
Physical Distortions/Scars: There are several puncture wounds on her stomach from an unfortunate encounter with a porcupine, but they are barely visible.

Relations with others..

Partner: No one yet.
Whelps: None yet.
Challengers: None yet.
Followers: None.
Pack Rank: Rouge.

Behind the scenes...

Life Story: Adena doesn't like to speak of this. She knows where shes been, she likes it better that others don't.
Place of Birth: Loner territory, she honestly doesn't remember the location by name, yet would describe it as a quiet, serene and dense forest.

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.:<'Adena Metallika'>:.
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