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 <K A I S E R;;

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PostSubject: <K A I S E R;;   Sun Jan 08, 2012 7:00 pm

Generally speaking..
Formal Name: Kaiser. {Pronounced the same as Caesar.}
Meaning: "Ruler".
Alias/Nickname: N/A.
Breed: Gray Wolf.
Age: Five years and nine months.
Sex: Brute; king; male.
Personality: Experienced, giving, open minded. Kaiser is alert, intelligent, and supportive. He appears just the opposite, and many judge him by stereotypes, until they actually meet and converse with him. He has a clever outlook on life, and is always spreading his knowledge. Knows many hunting secrets, and travels alone simply to assist others who need it. He however, is not estatic and is rather serious and formal, but with good intentions. He had always been raised like this, unlike many other blood thirsty brutes. Although as far as taking care of himself, the answer is simple-it's everyone before him. He values other wolves that share his kindness so much, he'd give up virtually anything for them. Often steering clear of the wolves with bad or snippity attitudes, Kaiser quite likes being a loner, so he can choose which wolves are proven worthy comrades to be around.
Motto: "It is easier to be wise for others, than yourself."

The outer shell..
Coat Color: Kaiser is a dark gray. He has flecks of black and coal in his coat that make it appear to be black, although his paws and tip of the tail are almost the raw color of ink. He has a white patch going down his chest, that widens at the chin of his maw.
Eye Color: A typical shining golden, with flecks of fawn and lime.
Height: 31" at the withers.
Weight: 102 lbs.
Body Form: Kaiser appears to be rather large and intimidating at first glance. His disposition is well, and he has strong frontal limbs and chest, as well as a defined jaw for that extra pressured bite. He looks like quite the menace.
Physical Distortions/Scars: Kaiser's tail is cropped off. He has three inches of it remaining. His own sire had ripped it off when Kaiser was young, out of frustration.

Relations with others..

Partner: No one yet.
Whelps: None yet.
Challengers: None yet.
Followers: None.
Pack Rank: Loner.

Behind the scenes...

Life Story: Kaiser, means "ruler"-"The King". This is what Vazarrak had wanted for him. His sire, black as night and just as strong and large as Kaiser now himself, looked his whelp in the eye sternly. "You will rule, rule the darkness, the evil. Bring power to those damned to hell. This is your destiny." His words were flat and demanding, already decided for Kaiser. Strange, as well. Kaiser was the only male in his litter of five, and could tell from even weeks of age his father's different treatment towards him. He was more difficult to please, spoke harshly. He had great expectations for him, that was for sure. The young pup now tilted his dusty head upwards, body now trembling, wavering his words. "V-vazzarrak." he never called his sire 'father', it was simply not allowed. "I will never rule the e-evil. Never." He was nine months, close to a year old and a bit over half the size of his father, yet it was still quite the pitiful sight. The fire in Vazzerak's eyes lit just as a snarl errupted from deep in his throat, turning into an almost deeply sickening howl. From the corner of his eye, just before he dashed off, Kaiser saw his mother. Beautiful she was, a winter wonderland her soft pelt. Ice cold eyes and expression was of horror, and that was the moment that Kaiser realized what he had done. Defying his father was the most memorable mark in his life, in both good and bad ways. Kaiser was fast. Sadly, not fast enough. Vazarrak caught him by the tail, and yanked upwards so furiously he ripped it clean from it's base. Scared out of his mind, Kaiser hadn't even realized what had happened, and bolted off, never to be seen again by his sire and dam. Kaiser then was declared a loner, and vowed to never follow his father's ways.
Place of Birth: On the border of Jabbar Junayd.

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<K A I S E R;;
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