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 Flair's Characters

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1st Character-
Formal Name: Night Flair
Meaning: “I was born under the full of a moon, hmph. Not a whole lot of meaning to it…”
Alias/Nickname: Flair
Breed: Timber Wolf
Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Personality: Sarcastic but quiet, Quick temper over an icy heart, Rough emotions, not afraid to fight or speak up for herself or even against another if she feels the need to.
Alignment: Neutral (Leaning towards a darker way of life)
Motto: If you don’t like it, then leave me be!

Physical Traits
Coat Color: Black under laced with a bright gray/silver
Eye Color: Ice (Clear blue-gray)
Height: 46inch at the shoulder
Weight: 78lbs
Body Form: Short, Stout, Muscular, Scarred over, built for power.
Physical Distortions/Scars: While large she carries no deformities but many scars both emotionally, mentally, and physically. Her physical scars are as follows: Right side ribcage holds four very jagged but long healed claw marks from a tangle with a wolverine as a dare from a sibling, a similar marking across her left flank from the same dare, and multiple tears in her scruff from the same fight. The only scar different is the prominent scar gashed in her right cheek just below her eye and following the jaw line from a fight with her father.

Family Tree
Partner: None Currently
Whelps: None currently
Challengers: None currently
Followers: None currently
Pack Rank: None currently

Life Story: Born in the mountain ranges during a full moon to the lone fae Tsuki, Flair is the oldest fae of her litter and second oldest to her brother; Shatter. Much like Flair he grew quickly and was soon her biggest problem. The other two siblings not stillborn were both male, her only sister born dead in the dark of night.
Flair developed quickly in many ways, and her older brother for the first year of his life was small compared to his younger sister. At seven months old the elder sibling dared Flair to tangle with the wolverine that was trying to take their food and taunted Flair until she did. Tsuki missed the mark when trying to grasp flair and yank her back from the fight and the large fae connected hard with the wolverine. Shatter and Tsuki both where surprised at the brute strength the fae possessed.. and the fighting attitude.
Flair dodged, weaved, and got tore up badly after bowling the wolverine off it’s feet. During the time her family was in shock, Flair was injured badly and Tsuki snapped. Mother fae tore into the wolverine with a very angry mama attitude and was deft with landing upon the back of the wolverine, who had jaws locked on her daughter’s throat. Tsuki’s bite was fierce when she landed and the wolverine released Flair to take care of mom. Without thinking Tsuki was drawing the wolverine from her pups and Flair’s younger brothers grabbed her and hauled her back to the cave. The fight was soon over and both fae where gravely injured but Tsuki was stronger than even her daughter. They both recovered within time for the pups to become yearlings. When Shatter hit a single year of age he left his siblings and mother to do some thinking, telling them only ‘I will return later’. He did not return for another year. The tiny family was left with only mom, daughter, and two shy sons. They were left in peace, doing as they must to survive.
Another birthday came and went, all pups where adults and that very day a huge black coated brute walked into the cave and was near assaulted by the same coat colored fae, Flair. Tsuki snapped at them both and was quick with separating them, her tone cool as she spoke to the brute for a name. When the brute told Tsuki his name she told the brute to prove it but received only snark from the male
‘If I wasn’t who I said I was, mother, how do you think I knew how to find exactly where you all are even to this day. This damn den, couldn’t you have left it well enough alone?!’ The fae turned her back upon Shatter with a snort and in her limping gait made to go back for her furs. Flair was a little smaller than her older brother but with her eyes alone, warned him away from attacking her mother and younger, smaller, brothers.
All to soon Tsuki left Flair and her two skittish brothers in the den to go scout for new meat while they slept, and Shatter followed the elder fae out of the mountains to show his mother who he was… in a very forceful way. Shatter soon attacked his mother from behind, and the echoing fight woke the sleeping siblings. By the time they reached mountain bottom Shatter had taken after his name. Their mother lay dead, broken, beneath the huge paws of the black and silver brute and Flair lost it. None of her siblings had seen her this mad.
She attacked him. Her sharp teeth landed his shoulder but a full year in the wilderness had taught her brother things Flair knew not of. Shatter was atop her sister within moments, preparing to crush her throat but huge back paws caught the brutes gut and he was flipped onto his back roughly as the fae gracefully got to her feet and struck again , like a snake.
The younger brothers split off, running away, and never were seen again. They wanted to never see this sight, and needed their time. Flair and Shatter where still locked in battle but the brute was already weakened from their Mother’s teeth and strength. Flair had never been, nor was now a push over. Shatters teeth caught her with a flash of light, along the bone of her face. His move one of depreation but she caught him in retaliation as he withdrew from the bite. She locked his scruff in her teeth and refused to let go as she ripped and tore into the flesh, blood splattering into her dark coat and her face. Shatter may have taken the life of his mom, but he had many gushing wounds, and was weakening fast. He tries a new tactic and squalls out for his sister.
Flair was not the one who released him and then knocked him over and in seconds had jaws locked about his throat. He soon realized that, even as his eyes glazed in the shock, his sister was gone and he was the cause. He was soon to join his mother and Flair continued to beat the carcass of her brother around for a long while before her energy gave out.
She collapsed into the red snow. Her eyes open and locked on the bodies of her mother and brother. The last image in her mind until she awoke the next day, far from that place, traveling in the dark woods. She was hardened, and a new lone wolf fae. Her jaw wound had froze in the snow, sealing itself wrong but she had no way to treat the wound and cared not. The searing pain kept her going. ‘I will make it’ she told herself mentally. ‘and I will start anew. I will find my place elsewhere.’ Her crazed mind continued to whirl for a third year until as she entered a land where the scents where strong. She stopped before a scent marker and her nostrils flared outward. She was fit once more, and was still a huge fae. There was a new glint in her eye however. She had crazed herself slightly ever since that fateful night. She was ready to see what the life would be able to offer and a dark grin parted her wolven maw as she panted softly.

Place of Birth: Unknown Mountain range
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Flair's Characters
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