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 .Rogue Clans.

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PostSubject: .Rogue Clans.   .Rogue Clans. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 12, 2012 9:51 pm

There are groups of wolves who reside within the lone lands that have taken it upon themselves to create clans. These clans consist of rogue wolves that have drifted together. There is usually a core few that stay but a rogue clan is constantly changing with wolves who come and go as they please. If you are still unsure of what they are you mreay private message any of the staff members who would be happy to answer you questions.

Now for those of you who would like to create a clan of your own their are very specific rules and procedures that must be followed.

.Applying for a Clan--Requirements and Regulations.

  1. All requests must be sent to the Site Manager Silent.

  2. When applying you must state your reasons for wanting to establish a clan. Note* A clan will not be easily granted just because you 'want' one doesn't mean that you should have one. For the most part we would like the clan to have a 'goal' or at least a general plot.

  3. When applying you must be sure of your own activity, if you are unable to get on the computer often, then perhaps it is not a good idea to apply.

  4. Being granted Clan status does not give you any official rank within the site itself. Please do not take it upon yourself to manage other members. This is a job for the administrators and moderators ONLY. (Any issues PM us directly!)

  5. A member who has been with us longer and has proven to be reliable will more likely be granted a clan over a newer member. (Don't let this be discouraging though!)

  6. Lastly we would like you to keep in mind that when applying all things must be considered. How many clans are there at the current moment? Is there enough activity in the pack main boards? Are there others willing to join my clan when it starts up?

*Note: Please do not be dismayed if your request is not granted. There are many factors that go into these sort of things and my decision is based off of what is best for the site.
Also as this is a new rule page there is a good chance that some rules may be added/altered to better fit out situation. Any changes will be announced.
.Rules/Policies of the Clan.

  1. The leader may use the term 'Alpha' but a clan has no rank or standing against the established packs.

  2. Clans will always reside within the Lone Lands.

  3. Clans stand as a sort of resting place for loners, as a general rule wolves can come and go as they please. Which the next rule emphasises.

  4. You may have ONE thread for your clan on the Lone Lands board and this thread may NOT be marked as closed, private or mature. It must be open to anyone who wants to join or wander in.

  5. Consider the environment that your wolves live in. If I read anywhere in a post that it's raining, the green hills are stretching off into the horizon or that your wolves are playing in river, I will IMMEDIATELY delete your post and make you do it again. As stated in rule #2 your clan resides in the Lone Lands.

  6. As a newly made clan we must be realistic! Do not assume that your group has any status against any other rival clans in the area. You may get picked on by the larger clans or have run ins! A new clan will be no match for ones that have been around longer and will be more submissive.

  7. As a rogue clan your leader can be challenged by any wolf.

  8. Leaders may not have a say who comes in and out of the thread but they do get to control who OFFICIALLY can and can not join the clan.

  9. If you leave your clan inactive for a noticeable period of time it will either A) Be disbanded or B) Another player may petition to take control. This applies to cases in which the user does not notify the site of their absence.

  10. You may NOT interfere with the regular packs on a massive scale without first asking Silent. She will then approve or deny your request.

For the time being these are the rules that we ask you to abide by. As noted above, things may be added/altered.

All clans should make note of the main clan that 'runs' the Lone Lands. Despair's Clan has been in the Lone Lands for a majority of this sites existence. This is Silent's clan and serves as a sort of regulator on that board. The above rules do not necessarily apply to this clan. New clans would do well to take note of Despair (He's not so good at sharing) and the wolves that follow him. For all intents and purposes he is the sort of 'guardian' of the lone lands.

Existing Clans:
Despair Clan-Silent

Final note* Having a clan is a serious responsibility, it reflects our site and what we expect out of our members. We thank you for abiding by the rules and if there are any questionable or grey areas always message your concerns to Silent.

Thank you
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.Rogue Clans.
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