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 Hamara Sydan Pack Information

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Hamara Sydan Pack Information 6819616603_0720ca077a_z

Hamara Sydan Pack Information 6820941017_678d1459e3_b

Translation: “Twilight Heart” in Swedish

Alignment: Neutral

Original Founder: Rainshadow

Current Alpha: Blackjack, played by Silvers

The lands of Hamara Sydan have never been under an extended period of rule, but not because
of its terrain. While remaining neutral throughout most events in the realm of Fire and Ice, many have considered
Hamara to just be a place of passage on to a different life. The first Alpha, Rainshadow, took refuge in the great
Redwood Forest on the southern side. He was a fair ruler, one that more or less established the lands as neutral,
but his heart had been in another place. He had fallen for a fem, one that lead him on a chase to where he never

The pack remaining shuffled for a leader, but none seemed to be fit for the position very long, and soon they too,
abandoned the lands. Several years later, a young femora yearning to escape the warring ways of her home pack
wandered into the territory, noticing that it was going unclaimed. Her name was Serien, and she had been a leader
prior to her entrance. She had a solid rule with wolves from all over the lands pouring in, and was the first to establish
an alliance with Tirisfal Valley and Midnight Meadows. Only about a year or so into her Alphanism, trouble was afoot,
and a battle to defend the lands that she had sworn to protect ended with her life. Those that had been loyal hung around
for only so long after her death.

When all of Serien’s followers had disbanded, a group of rogue wolves ventured in from the Lone Lands, searching for a
place to call home. The duty of Alpha fell upon the shoulders of a femora by the name of Kaia. She was an uneasy ruler,
but with the careful guidance of her mate Sephiroth, she developed the ability to lead. As the eyes began to look up and the
heads began to turn, though, she fled for a reason that has yet to be known. Sephiroth was patient for her return, but
before he could wait very long, a terrible typhoon rolled in and destroyed much of the place that they had called home.

Now, there is a new type of rule in Hamara Sydan, one that the lands have never witnessed before. A pack of dogs from
the City have swarmed in, claiming it as their own. Whether or not Kaia will return to her throne is unknown, but for now,
Blackjack is king, and he aims to keep it so.

Ranks: Redirected to the Ranks Board.

Hamara Sydan Pack Information 6819616163_4a93f28bdf_b

Map of Hamara Sydan

Territory Overview: Hamara Sydan is a place of temperate forests, littered with an abundance of trees and rivers.
The ground is very wet and often misty, shaded by from the sun and allowing lush, green life to thrive. In summer, the air
tends to be very humid and sticky, swarms of mosquitos nesting in the bushes; in winter, snow does not fall, but a wicked
cold frost will cling to the trees and the waterfalls will freeze.

Log Jam Headquarters: The place of meeting for the pack. After the typhoon, hundreds of large trees were thrust
into the river and carried downstream, where they fell over one of the major waterfalls and began to pile up. For now, they
act as a dam, and will be solid in their foundation for years to come. Caverns behind the waterfall provide warm shelter
and protect the pack from nature's more nastier elements, though they are not the best for raising pups.

Kaia's Overlook: These dens are on low ground and used in summer. They are closer to the rivers, allowing easy
access to a water source. They are more near the sea, welcoming in cool ocean breezes when the weather is sweltering.
Pups being raised in here need to be watched with a careful eye, as there are sharp cliffs dropping straight into the cold

Redwood Forest: Before the name “Hamara Sydan” had been established by Serien, the lands were known as
“Redwood Forest” because of the significant landmark. Giant sequoia trees tower in the southeastern part of the lands,
silent red sentinels that have been in place since the beginning of time. Within the Redwood Forest are a cluster of dens
that both Rainshadow and Serien used when they had ruled. While farther away from water sources, they are ideal for
raising children and hunting big game that migrate north in the summer.

Rainshadow Caves: No wolf is to venture into these caves. Most of the pack rulers forbid entrance, for these caves
not only have the tendency to flood during storms, but are an underground labyrinth. Rumor has it that when one goes in,
they don’t come out. It is their darkness and beauty that draws many in, but there is no light to lead them out…

Serien Falls: A place of beauty and a place of romance. When the sun is setting, the light has a particular way of
striking this waterfall and making lovers intertwine.

Fauna: Mostly small game, plenty of boar families, and the occasional goat. Deer herds also roam
the forest, but that is as large as the game within the territory go. Anything larger must be caught further south. In the
river that winds through the lands, rainbow trout are often fished for, especially in the summer when it is their mating
season, and they are known for heading upstream. Nothing much bigger than these trout, though, thrive in Hamara
Sydan's waters.

Flora: Berry plants are abundant on the edges of the Redwood Forest, however, not all of them are edible.
This is also where a variety of plants grow, meaning they make a great location for a healer to gather medicinal herbs.
Because of the land's moist environment, various species of mushrooms inhabit the forest floor, a unique feature that
is not found elsewhere in Fire and Ice. These mushrooms have special medical properties that are excellent for curing diseases,
reducing inflammation, increasing immune system strength, easing digestion, and mending broken bones.

Hamara Sydan Pack Information 6820941505_9cb9c1493f_b

Current Members Former Members Unofficial Members
Jack Rainshadow Kaia
Blue Serien (d.)Sephiroth
Kane Sieg (d.) Leon
Tauro Romulus Tristhen
Anubis Constantin Dyrim
Nikita Noir Ame Julien
Bos Captive
Viator Teddy
Tellika (d.)
Casanova (d.)

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Hamara Sydan Pack Information
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