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 Jabbar Junayd Pack Information

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PostSubject: Jabbar Junayd Pack Information   Fri Feb 24, 2012 8:19 pm

Translation: “Powerful Army" in Islamic

Alignment: Lawful evil

Original Founder: Shadowed

Current Alpha: Echo, played by Silvers

Jabbar Junayd wasn't always a stable home. First founded by Shadowed many years ago, she claimed the forest after herself. She was ruthlessly strict and dominant of any wolf that crossed her path. However, she disappeared. Rumor has it that her daughter, Onyx, had something to do with it, who took over the pack after. Onyx did not have her mother's discipline to guide, and so a new leader tackled the role, along with his mate. This was Damean Jager and Lilith, who renamed the lands as Sacrifice Forest.

For the first few years, Damean and Lilith's leadership demanded utmost respect from all wolves, whether they belonged to the pack or not. In addition, this respect had to be earned, and their loyalty rewarded. Damean became loved through them, teaching them the philosophy of functioning as a whole machine, not individual parts. Hunting, feeding, learning, war, and conversations were done together. They became a unit, a force... an army, so the name would suggest, and thus the name change to Jabbar Junayd.

A battle that no creature could wage, however, tore through the lands. Fire. Their home destroyed, the wolves fled to their ally pack, Muerta. Lilith escaped with the smoke, stealing her whelps with her, but returning them not long after, abandoning her pack and her husband. She left Legend and Exodus with Damean to raise for when the forest re-grew. And when it did, Damean claimed a new mate, Jaded. Where Exodus remained to see the pack through, Legend departed, caring not for a replacement mother. Exodus did not see herself fit to lead, however, and declined the opportunity.

Jaded brought a new light into Damean's life he had never seen before. Inspired by this, he sought to ally with a pure pack, a motion that no other dark pack had ever done before. They were of different philosophies, but they were of the same blood, and the way that Damean saw life, everything had its balance. To this day, it is still in effect, though both Damean and Jaded have passed on. However, they left behind their son, Damean Junior, a young prince who was destined to lead the pack throughout the entire course of his lifespan. Weighed down with responsibility, Damean struggled to learn, and decided that the best course of action for him was to seek out life's meaning on his own. Where his father learned through the pack, Damean Junior had to learn away from the pack, and experience the world for himself, first.

Before Damean Junior left, though, he had made a friend. A childhood friend that stole his heart and puzzled his mind, he left the crown to Echo, a young wolf whom he trusted to lead the pack. Saddled with duty, Echo must now prove her worth to the long-standing wolves of Jabbar, and follow the rigid rules of Akiko's teachings, ancient remnants of Shadowed's reign. These rules are not without the wisdom of Rawbones, the pack's eldest member, who guides her through the transition and quells her inner demons. A gifted learner, Echo must push herself to keep up with the growing darkness on the horizon. She gets the feeling that change is about to happen, one that may break their alliances and destroy their army, and so together, they must prepare.

Current Members 

Former Members 

Unofficial Members


Damean Jr. 



Damean Sr. (d.)

Lacuna Coil (d.)
Jaded (d.)





Exodus (d.) 





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Jabbar Junayd Pack Information
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