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 Tirisfal Valley Pack Information [Unofficial!]

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PostSubject: Tirisfal Valley Pack Information [Unofficial!]   Sat Feb 25, 2012 11:31 pm

Translation: Named after the Tirisfal Glades from World of Warcraft. Tirisfal Valley took this name for the
glaciers that used to cover the lands many years ago.

Alignment: Pure

Original Founder: Malik and Timmax

Current Alpha: Cardinal, played by Warriorwolf

Eons ago, when Fenrir first carved the worlds of Fire and Ice, massive glaciers used to cover the northern
landscape. These icy giants crawled and cultivated the area now known as Tirisfal Valley, and left a large lake
as they melted when Fenrir heated the earth with fire. Flowers, herbs, and plants of all varieties sprouted in the
rich sediment brought by the glaciers, creating a lush, colorful valley.

Drawn to the beauty of the terrace and the safety of the surrounding mountains, a wolf named Malik and his brother,
Timmax, ventured in and sent up a howl for a pack. They were wolves pure of heart, and thus they sought others like
them. Malik and Timmax were kind rulers, believing in the power of teamwork, honesty, and goodness. At the height of
their rule, Malik fell in love with a most breathtaking femora. She ruled by his side for a short period of time, but the two
later found it best to leave the pack to Timmax while they ventured into a world yonder to start a pack of their own
blood. Timmax graciously accepted the position, and ruled until he became an Elder.

Timmax had no blood kin, but he named Silent Snowfall, a female with a strong heart of light, as his successor. Her
strong heart proved to lead Tirisfal through tides of war with their rivals just over the mountains – Akira, and her wolves
of Muerta Mountains, who still stand as a threat today. There was one vicious battle to note that laid a permanent scar
on Silent, both on her muzzle and to her pack; many of Tirisfal's loyal members perished from the dark jaws of Muerta.
Not all of Silent's rule, though, was in times of war – there was a period of calm between Tirisfal and Muerta, which
allowed Silent and other members to fall in love and flourish. For Silent, it happened to be her consolable beta, Nuri Bade.
They mated, but shortly after her pregnancy, Silent felt tragically ill that no healer could help her with. Nuri sought it best to
bring her to a pack of elder wolves with a knowledge wiser than any advisor's, and she remains there until she will be well
enough to rule again.

In the meantime, Silent and Nuri's whelps are growing day by day, but they have much to learn in the ways of
ruling. Nuri himself had taken up the mantel as Alpha, but it wears on his old bones, having mated very late in life.
He now calls himself an elder and promotes a loyal wolf by the name of Cardinal to the position of Alphas of the pack until
either Silent Snowfall returns, or, Silent and Nuri's daughter, Elysia, becomes of age.

Ranks: Redirected to the Ranks Board.

Map of Tirisfal Valley

Territory Overview: Malik and Timmax chose Tirisfal Valley for its beautiful landscape, and it is no surprise.
The land is awash with temperate forests, open fields, winding rivers, rolling hills, and a single great, breathtaking lake.
The four seasons can be found in Tirisfal – with colorful springs, dry summers, calming autumns, and cold winters.
The weather follows the patterns of the season, bringing heavy rains and storms in the summer and fall, and remaining
bright and sunny during the winter and spring. Because of the low-lying grounds near the center of the valley,
though, the lands are often prone to flooding, but the wolves thankfully have higher dens to protect them.

Snowfall's Lookout: Otherwise known as Malik's Lookout, this is the place that most of the Alphas that have ruled
Tirisfal stand to call to order. It provides a good overview of the landscape, which not only serves as a prime location
for making speeches, but is also a good lookout point for any dark wolves that make their way down the mountains.
In addition, the lookout is right next
to the High Dens.

High Dens: Located right next to Snowfall's Lookout, the High Dens are normally used when the Low Dens have
flooded or are inaccessible. They are small, and unfortunately do not offer much shelter from the natural elements, nor
for harboring pups. The view, however, is quite phenomenal.

Low Dens: These dens are ideal for raising pups. These dens are very old, remnants of the first dug by Mailk
and Timmax, but they are very spacious and great for nursing litters in. The only thing to watch out for, however, is
the lake shore, which creeps up near the entrances of the dens during the rainy season. Because the lake is prone to
flooding, the wolves must move to the higher dens during storms.

Glacier Falls Hideout: If the pack ever needs a place to hide during wartime, Glacier Falls Hideout is the location.
These sandstone dens are hidden behind a medium-sized waterfall, cloaking all scents. Silent Snowfall accidentally
discovered this place when first exploring the lands and trying to find a place for a densite that would keep the pack
sheltered from both dark wolves and the elements.

Okura Falls: The same river that is the source point of Glacier Falls also forks off into another direction and
leads into Okura Falls. These waterfalls are low and wide, and seasonal fish can be seen jumping the rocks. Wolves
are wary of this location, however, as bears are common visitors to this spot, and they do not like to share.

Serenity Lake: This enormous lake can be seen from almost every point of view in the valley. Melted
snow-rivers from the surrounding Muerta Mountains spill down into the lake, which feeds out into the ocean. The
waters of Serenity Lake are icy and cold, even during the summer, as it is rumored that the glacier moved through
the valley and then melted right on the spot.

Fauna: Many species inhabit the flourishing valley of Tirisfal, finding safety in the surrounding mountains.
These creatures range from the tiniest mouse to the two-ton moose, roaming the open fields and temperate forests
in conjunction with many others. For the wolves, herds of deer are the most plentiful prey, but elk and moose also
provide a healthy meal, when hunted with caution and strategy. Grizzly bears have also been known to intrude and
cause trouble for the pack every now and then, but thankfully, no wolf has been killed by one. Serenity Lake also has
an ecosystem of its own, allowing turtles, water fowl, frogs, and a huge variety of freshwater and migratory fish. Tirisfal
wolves are deft of paw and make for excellent fishers, catching crawfish, salmon, trout, perch, and bass that swim
in from the Arctic Circle and inland from the ocean to mate in Serenity Lake's clean, slow-moving waters.

Flora: Tirisfal Valley is a healer's dream world. Almost every species of plant in Fire and Ice can be found in Tirisfal,
as well as every ingredient in a mixed medicine. The wide meadows are filled with valerian, purple coneflower, St. John's
wart, poppy seeds, and passion flowers. In the forests are huckleberries, comfrey flowers, milk vetch, chamomile, cat's claw,
feverfew, and dandelion. Near the water are aloe plants and cattails, and even a special species of algae that can be ingested
to flush out toxins in the liver. The trees range from maple to ash to oak, with few evergreens and pines near the tops of the

Current Members Former Members Unofficial Members
Robin Silent Snowfall Cross
Alaina Daemyn Nicolai
Nuri Bade Milani (d.) Robin Junior
Doctor Koda (d.) Hermes
Jewel Roxas (d.) Faramir
Bright Moon Timmax Namaria
Ajax Abalaster Haru
Cumulus Mirove Thayne Storm Call
Cirrus Malik Negro Diablo
Nimbus Nephritides

Still under construction. Managed by __silvers__.
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Tirisfal Valley Pack Information [Unofficial!]
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