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 .Writing Requirements/Tips.

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PostSubject: .Writing Requirements/Tips.   .Writing Requirements/Tips. Icon_minitimeMon Mar 12, 2012 11:28 pm

Effective March 12th 2012 posts will now be required to have a word count of 90. This means it is no longer judged by sentences but WORDS. Anyone who does not abide by this rule will face consequences. Unfortunately forumotion does not equip the reply boxes with a word count. There are several things that you can do.
Find a free online word counter via Google or another search engine.
Type your post into a word document, word count should be on the bottom somewhere
Guesstimate, some posts will unquestionably be longer than 90 words or vice versa

There will be a few days leniency with this rule and only one correction per member until we issue warnings. Remember, we aren't doing this to make posting harder but we are an moderate to advanced writing site and we need to keep up our standards. This way helps develop you as a writer and makes the experience better for all parties involved.

Writing Tips! 

There are many way you can bulk up the content of your post! The most basic way is to ask yourself all the classic questions!

  • Who--Who is your character talking to? "Dana turned her head to look at Storm."

  • What-- What is going on in the scene? What does your charrie think of it? Describe it through their perspective.

  • When-- Take note of the seasons, the time of day indicated in previous posts, speak of the future. "She thought about traveling to the mountains one day."

  • Why-- Explain the actions of your character, why did he snarl? What are the thoughts behind those actions.

  • Where-- Describe the scene around you of course! What does it look like to your charrie! Is it hot? Cold? Is the ground rough on your poor feet? Is there sand in your coat?

  • How-- How did you character come to the place he/she is now? How did he/she arrive at the conclusion of thoughts? How did they walk? How did the other wolf look when he said that thing?

Internal Environment

The main component of your posts are built of your characters THOUGHTS and FEELINGS. You are describing the world as they see it, just as you see everything in a different light. Personalities are as different as day and night. The world is viewed differently though the eyes of rich child compared to that of a poor one. A woman vs a man. Etc. 
External Environment

It's always important to describe your surrounding environment, whether it be the physical landscape, the weather or another person's character. This can add a lot to a post and make it more believable and realistic.
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.Writing Requirements/Tips.
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