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 Words can't describe the hatred

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PostSubject: Words can't describe the hatred    Sun Apr 15, 2012 11:16 am

Bandit could only feel sorrow. His speed was no match for Shadow's strength, now all he loved had vanished and he could not stop it. From the start he knew that his adopted doberman brother, Shadow was destined for darkness and it was only a matter of time before he attacked. Now all Bandit could feel was vengeance. Sorrow lingered no more. He stared at his father, sister and mother sprawled across the ground. "Why must you be so cruel!?" Howled Bandit. His glossy, long white coat bristled and his eyes that were like snow with blue light reflecting on it glared. Suddenly, Bandit had a thought. He knew that he was fast, but Shadow is so buff that it's scary! Bandit would need help, at least two wolves, hopefully more. But how would hope find him? He would just have to keep in his mind that someone wants to help him, someone has to! Bandit felt it in his heart.
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Words can't describe the hatred
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