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 Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN

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PostSubject: Re: Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN   Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:03 am

I heard something similiar, but not about that place. I know this is off topic, but I thought that everyone should know.

Several pounds had a last chance adoption, that had information on cats sentenced to euthanization, so that people might adopt them and save them. So several people, on the day that they went to get their cats, recieved no pet. Through some damn glitch on the computer, those cats that would have gotten another chance were killed. And the pounds were saying its not some stupid computer glitch, but that they never recieved the peoples forms.

It makes you wonder what kind of people work at ASPCA and stuff like that nowadays, huh?

I have another story. Me and my family found a non-euthanization shelter. We meet a dog and a cat we end up adopting the cat. We visit the dog often, and one day he's not there. Turns out he'd been euthanized. So some shelters aren't true. Just a quick complaint: If they have pepole visiting a pet often, they shouldn't have that pet up for adoption/euthanization. I found this dog I liked at the pound, visited a couple days, then brought my family to come meet the dog about half an hour after the shelter opened. The dog wasn't there. She'd been adopted. Seriously guys?
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PostSubject: Re: Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:38 pm

That is a very unfortunate situation. I would think that ASPCA would try and draw conclusive evidence about the ranch before doing something so dramatic, or at least initiate an investigation. Like I said on FB, anything involved with PETA isn't going to turn out well, because they're great at starting unnecessary trouble. They often destroy the things they want to protect.

Overall, it makes me wonder how the HSUS is going to react to this.
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PostSubject: Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN   Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:30 pm

So not sure if any of you are aware of a place called the Caboodle Ranch but I've known about them for awhile now and it's basically this really cool place in Florida that is a sanctuary for Cats run by a guy named Craig. These cats are not for adoption and it is their forever home Smile I've actually wanted to visit for a VERY long time now because its so cool and great looking. It's like a little cat town complete with mini houses Smile

UNFORTUNATELY recently as i have come to understand it a volunteer (whom i believe was actually some sort of spy or something) took pictures of the SICK WARD and plastered it about the news and the aspca as well as PeTa and began throwing around charges of animal abuse. Now one only needs to look at the pictures on the website and see the this is a well maintained sanctuary and I believe it has quite a few acres of land good for so many cats.

BASICALLY the aspca came in and took ALL their kitties for no goddamn reason. I've been following this for some time now and I honestly have no reason to believe that any of these allegations are really true. I try not to let one side suck me in without knowing the facts and as I see it Caboodle Ranch is in the right and they are all very sad (especially Craig) that all the cats have been taken. It kind of breaks my heart seeing these pictures and reading all this information and while I knew PeTa was a peice of shit organization before I did not quite realize how bad the aspca was....it seems ignorance is bliss eh?

Well anywho...if there are any of you that know this story or are interested in lending support (I suppose even liking them on FB helps) I'll give you the links. I really think this is an awesome place and i'm sure most of you with pets knows how heartbreaking it would be to have them taken away from you. So here are the links, comments and feedback would be nice. I would just like to get the word out because decent people deserve a decent chance. And until proof is presented that this sanctuary was actually committing any sort of animal abuse I put my support with them and I hope that at least a few of you spread the word Smile

They update their facebook often and let you know whats going on with the trials, I guess a lot of supporters have been getting hate mail from the opposing groups which lets you know just what kind of people they really are. It's unfortunate really.

I would like to think that even behind a computer halfway across the country people can help and that's what i would like to do.
Thanks for reading


So ya know what...i'm going to donate some money to them...like right now because that's WAY too messed up for me.

[url=https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caboodle-Ranch-Inc/143028025710287 ]https://www.facebook.com/pages/Caboodle-Ranch-Inc/143028025710287 [/url]


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PostSubject: Re: Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN   

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Call to animal lovers, cat;a sad story HELP IF YOU CAN
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