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 I miss you!

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PostSubject: I miss you!   Fri Jul 20, 2012 4:16 am

Recently, one of my cats died, so I wanted to do a memorial for all my passed pets.

I miss you Gabby! He was the brother of my other Guinea Pig, Sparky. He would block Sparky from eating, so he could hog the food. I personally think Sparky smothered him, or that he had a heart attack from eating too much.

This is Sparky, brother to Gabby. We used to chant, go sparky go! and he would race around the cage. We think he had a heart attack because he ate so much food at once.

This is Butter, a she-cat. She passed from Kidney Failure, just like Oreo.

This is Oreo, I don't remember him, but he was one of my mothers favorite cats. He died of Kidney Failure.

This is Nicky. He had an overlarge heart, was going deaf, and was blind in one eye and going blind in the other. He got a blood clot and had to be put down. I miss you bud!

This is Crystal, she died most recently. We aren't sure what she died of, but she died literally in my moms eyes.

You will all be in my heart! I miss you guys!

None of these pictures are mine, cause I didn't have any of them on my computer.
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I miss you!
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