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 Some numbers...

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PostSubject: Re: Some numbers...   Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:30 am

Well, there isn't many, and half of them have like 10 posts to their names, but they exist. Than again, I barely knew what RPing was before I found this place:

1. Kovu
2. Echo
3. Marrok
4. Amor
5. Vault
6. Pyramus
7. Jericho
8. Anubis
9. Ripfire
10. Telephantasm
11. Niger

Rhetoric and Oslo should come around soon and reak some needed havoc. AND I PLAN TO MAKE MAAAANNNNYYY MOOOORRREEE
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PostSubject: Re: Some numbers...   Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:55 pm

Assuming in no particular order:

Dante[ I did him too way back when]
Deadly Dance
Apocalypse[might bring her back]
Sparda[So obviously not a DMC nerd...]
Selene [Who was a complete bitch, scratch that, I practically made her a complete c*nt(I'll censor it for female audiences x3)]

There's definitely more I just can't remember them all, I'm trying hard too, but there was some ones that simply came and went so I'm discounting them.
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PostSubject: Re: Some numbers...   Tue Jul 31, 2012 7:50 pm

Using the names my wolves go by most:
1. Blade
2. Decerno
3. Red
4. Yana
5. Balthier
6. Vaarak
7. Fran
8. Doctor
9. Stark
10. Penilla
11. Corentine
12. Ixtab
13. Ryuuketsu

Hmm... all my characters are inactive/alive... should consider killing at least one off sometime... Maybe keep Pen permanently inactive unless a good plot comes up for her to participate in, and kill off Fran and/or Red at an appropriate time... Red's older, anyways. I think around Jack's (Black Pearl) age. He's had a good life. XD

I've had 5 others not in FNI, but that site had long since been inactive. Maybe I should bring some here, as two of them are siblings to my wolves on this site. Some name changing might be in order, though, since they're been taken here.
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PostSubject: Some numbers...   Tue Jul 31, 2012 4:53 pm

1. Echo
2. Evanescence
3. Blue
4. Blackjack
5. Robin
6. Ali
7. Serenity
8. Sieg, III
9. Grimmjow
10. Draco
11. Narcissa
12. Cumulus
13. Cirrus
14. Nimbus
15. Dante
16. Vergil
17. Ganon
18. Flash
19. Flame
20. Julien
21. Leto
22. Lacuna Coil
23. Nightwish
24. Roxas
25. Axel
26. Tyrone
27. Umbulali
28. Aku-Aku
29. Angie
30. Miranda
31. Darren
32. Nemo
33. Slade
34. Jace
35. Anakin
36. Elizabeth


So, these are all the characters I've played (at least for a handful of posts) since I started RPing/joined FNI a little more than 4 years ago. Even I'm impressed. What about the rest of y'all, do you remember everyone you've created and/or played?
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PostSubject: Re: Some numbers...   

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Some numbers...
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