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These are my characters that don't necessarily fit anywhere, or not yet. Or just to save their profile.

Shadow's Randoms Dominik-1_zps5283a4d8


Full Name: Dominik.
Aliases: He has acquired none.
Gender: Male.
Age: 2.5 years.
Breed: Timber Wolf.
Alignment: Dominik tends to feel neutral about a lot of things, not seeming to deviate too far in either pure or dark tendencies; his way of thinking is based more on instinctive feelings of right and wrong.


Height: He stands 39" at the withers.
Weight: He weighs in at 136 lbs.
Pelt: His coat contains only the most beautiful shades of golden and white, darkening along the spine while the lighter shades reside underneath his form. The markings on his face are clearly defined from golden to white, and even some appealing silver streaks can be seen throughout the snowy colour.
Spheres: His eyes are typically a light honey colour, though when deep emotions are provoked they become a more intense amber.
Scars/Markings: He has nothing to show, tending to avoid confrontation.
Form: His body is well-sculpted, with a balance of strength and of speed. His legs are long and his body lean, but his masculinity shows through in his chest and shoulders, which show an impressive amount of power. His plume is full and elegant, easily portraying intentions with a flick of the tail. His head is neither too large, nor too narrow; he has a very handsome, sun-streaked look about him.


General Temperment: Due to a lack of affection during his youth, one would find that he is rather quiet and withdrawn, preferring a solitary life over the suffocation of a crowded pack life. He is not quick to anger, and is capable of keeping a calm, smooth demeanor in even the most stressful of situations. He tends to avoid such situations, anyways, so it is not often that others have the chance to anger him, thus giving him more endurance to those types of encounters. His heart is closed to the feelings of others, as well as to his own; he does not trust others, as he has been abandoned too many times in his short life, and he will not allow them to quickly draw close to him. Dominik is an observer, a thinker, and rarely a fighter, tending to slip away, unnoticed, in tense situations.
Positive Traits: Dominik is a very patient wolf, with a strong, instinctive sense of right and wrong. Unfortunately, his less positive traits hinder this at times.
Negative Traits: He has little trust in anyone, and has strong social phobias. He does not like to speak, and he does not like to share or show emotion, sometimes disabling him from showing compassion when it is needed.
Fears: Socializing and growing attached to others are his biggest fears, because they may lead to trickery and abandonment. He fears fighting and confrontation, and does not necessarily like the sight of wolven blood..


Sire: Sun Strider.
Dame: Tellika.
Siblings: He has two siblings from the same litter, named Nutik and Anastasia. He does not know their whereabouts, as he abandoned them shortly after their father left them. He has two other half-siblings by the names of Kilina and Andi, but he has never met them or heard of them. Due to the nature of both of his parents, it is likely that he has other half-siblings out there, or more to come. He will likely never meet them, however.
Love Interest: The only wolf Dominik has ever had an interest in was a wolfess by the name of Pandora. Unfortunately, it was not long after first meeting her that he discovered her missing, and has never found any traces of her alive or dead. He fears the worst of two situations; she is either long dead now because he was not there to protect her, or she abandoned him with too little care to even say goodbye.
Offspring: The young brute has never created anything of his seed. He is not sure if this is something he ever wants to do.
Other: None that he knows.


Pronunciation: Airr-giyz
Alias: He has acquired none.
Gender: Male.
Breed: Arctic X Shadow Wolf
Age: 2.5 years.
Personality: Ehrgeiz is one of those wolves with a very stubborn will, and the need to feel powerful and in control. He is not one to take lightly to correction, and will often fight with the one who wishes to reprimand or correct him; that is basically how he learned to fight, by defending himself against the older pack members when they wished to punish him. He owns the bad temper that his mother had, and is quick to snap should anyone bother him. He is hateful of just about everyone, and has grown attached to only one wolf in his lifetime; Earthshine.

Unfortunately, that wolf preferred to spend a lot of time with Ehrgeiz's mother, whom he hated, and when she left the pack, Earthshine was quick to follow. Ehrgeiz has since found no close relationships and wishes to refrain from allowing himself to draw close to anyone else. He is rather distant in that manner, and does not open up easily to anyone, nor does he trust them. Thus, he does not yet know any affectionate nor merciful side to himself, though it is possible that such things may one day blossom in him. He can be extremely insolent and sometimes arrogant, and despite his youth he is not one to tangle with.
Pack: Lone Lands.
Rank: N/A.

Physical Features

Appearance: He is well-muscled with powerful shoulders, neck and a deep chest, though his form narrows around the ribs and flanks, only to widen again with powerful haunches and a flowing tail. His muzzle is of average length, though is slightly wide with great crushing power. His singular eye (the other gouged out by his mother, only one of numerous scars left behind by her cruel claws) is naturally blue with silver specks, though turns blood-red in the heat of anger or in the light of the moon; they have always had a cruel, menacing look to them. The skull is broad and masculine, carrying his small, rounded ears high. The colour of his fur is mostly a creamy white colour, while the muzzle, legs, underbelly, and tailtip are jet black. Ehrgeiz is 37" at the withers, and 135 lbs, with a rather long and willowy body length of about 63" from nose to tail tip.

Social Information

Dam: Bloodeye
Sire: Blizzard Destruction
Other Family: He knows only of his sister, Blackeye.
Interest: He currently holds no interest, and has never had any, though he wouldn't mind some fun with a female one day.
Mate: None. He is unsure if he really cares for this sort of relationship and committment.
Whelps: He has created none, and does not currently wish to.


Described Past: Ehrgeiz was born in his mother's (Bloodeye's) pack, Rancid Wood. There he was raised and trained rather harshly, scolded constantly and under constant persecution from his mother and older packmates. The only adult he could stand to be around was Earthshine, because he seemed to have an understanding for youthful ambition and fun. The older brute often went on runs with Ehrgeiz and was a lot more patient while training and disciplining he and his sister. However, Earthshine was not the type of male to stick around, often wandering on his own affairs, and coming back when he pleased. This made for a rocky relationship, though it was the only one Ehrgeiz had, and he clung to it as a pup.

However, as he grew older, his loathing for Bloodeye and all others grew and grew. While one day being reprimanded by an elder, he began to spit profanities about the pack and his mother, that she was weak and one day he would kill her and take everything she had. Bloodeye was in the shadows, watching her pack member discipline her pup, but when she heard such terrible things spout from his maw, she could not resist the temptation to intervene and smite him. It was at this time that he lost his left eye and ran from the pack, never to return. Fury broiled within him, but as a youngster he had no means of releasing his frustrations, and kept it bottled and stored right next to his heart.

He has been a few places, though none have kept his interest. He once came upon a mountain, and the wolves there seemed suiting to his needs, but the territory itself was unbearable. The weather was harsh and unyielding, and he nearly perished in an avalanche. He was lucky enough to be rescued by the pack that resided there, but soon after resting up and recovering from the impact, he took his leave, deciding it was not the right place for him. Since then he has wandered futilely, wondering constantly where his life will lead and what sort of future is in store for him..

Name: Bloody Eye of the Hurricane.
Nicknames: Typically goes by Bloodeye, but was also once known as Shadowed Eclipse.
Pack: Jabbar Junayd.
Rank: Unknown.
Age: 5 years.

Looks: Most of her pelt is a creamish-white colour, with a mask of light orange upon her face. The same orange hue runs under her chest and belly, as well as her legs and tail. Her crown is large but not brutish, with proportionate, slightly rounded ears settled neatly on top of the skull. The eyes are sharp and expressive, with the iris a deep shade of rose and a devilish glint. Her muzzle is long and slender, her lips a dark black that contrasts with her light coat. The neck is long, heavily maned and powerful, with her shoulders and chest being large and muscular. Her body is long and willowy, with a shapely, feminine curve. Her hips widen out from the waist, and the haunches are firm and muscular, just like the shoulders.

Personality: Bloodeye has always seemed to portray mixed personalities, but her persona is a simple a concoction of deep emotion and the strong need to hide it. Normally quite snappy, cold and distant, she often couldn't care less about others or what happens to them - at least, that is the general image she expresses. She can change in an instant to become merciful and compassionate, but these bursts of strong emotion are rare in her. She does not know how to deal with her innermost feelings and thoughts, and rarely acts upon them as she truly sees fit in her mind, preferring to keep a tough front to avoid emotional openess. She does not respond well to those who pry too deep, and often gets very moody around intrusive wolves. Despite the constant deceit dealt to her in the past, she tends to be rather trusting, though she does not forgive and forget once the trust has been broken.

Bloodeye is stubborn and headstrong, not the type to back down from a fight nor admit defeat. She can be a little bit arrogant at times, more accustomed to taking the lead than following, though she is slowly learning to adapt to a more subordinate role in life. Because of this, she may be a little bit hard to get along with and tends to butt heads with many different wolves; however, she may enjoy the company of a calm, quiet and unassuming individual, and provide equal companionship to said individual. This wolfess loves to be admired, and has never minded being the center of attention for any reason. She especially welcomes the attentions of persistent males, and though she has an intolerance for big-mouthed, know-it-all pups, she thoroughly enjoys their admiration when it is shown appropriately.

Mother: A small, submissive fae named Deelo.

Father: Large brute with a black and gray coat, silver eyes. Dominant, aggressive, angry and abusive. Name: Stoneye.

History: Bloodeye was born to a lowly femora by the name of Deelo, one abused by the Hurricane Pack's Alpha, Stoneye. She had little control over what happened to her daughters Bloodeye and Blackeye once they were weaned, though she did her best to protect them from the same abuse she had suffered. However, she was small and weak, and the Alpha and their older son Darkeye ganged up on her to opress her. Thus, Bloodeye and Blackeye underwent harsh training and punishment. At one point, Bloodeye's beloved mother grew very ill; however, in the last of her days, she murdered Stoneye in private. When the deed was discovered, the pack was too cowardly to punish her, surprised by her ability to overtake the Alpha in her weakened state. Even Darkeye did not know what to do, so he merely waited to seize power on the day that her sickness took her.

Bloodeye and her sister were persecuted harshly for their mother's betrayal, beaten and abused day after day. They did not blame their mother, for they knew the strength of her love, and what she had tried to do for them. But at the young age of 8 months, they took to the wilds, vowing to never return to that place. They were gone several days when members of the pack, lead by Darkeye, found the sisters and set upon them to destroy them. As she was held down and her sister was pinned and beaten, Bloodeye became outraged. She felt herself lose control and was overcome with bloodlust, going on a rampage.

In her initial rage she fought off her assailants and set after the wolves who were thrashing her sister. In the process, however, she murdered her sister. Darkeye, in all his cowardice, escaped at the expense of his comrades, and Bloodeye has never found him since. When the morning came and the bloodlust wore thin, her senses came to her and realization of her sister's death was all too real. She mourned gravely for her, but it was too late to go back and change things. She needed to go forth with her life, and so she did.

Moons went by before she came to a suitable place where she wished to settle and live. And here, she became the foundation of a new pack; Savage Shadow. She ruled and gained several loyal members, and met a mysterious, enthralling wolf by the name of Thorn. Though she snapped sarcastic remarks at him and put on the tough act around him, she could not deny her feelings for him. They soon bonded, and she welcomed him into her home. However, at one point during a pack meeting, a small argument ascended into a bloody fight, and Thorn changed from intelligent, sweet and thoughtful to cold and violent. His jagged teeth found her throat, where he ripped with the intent to kill - she was lucky that he had just barely missed his mark. Though he left with many gashes, she felt he had done the most damage. Her heart was scarred deeply, her emotions sapped from her and her trust diminished. It seemed that his traitorous behaviour began a chain of betrayal, and after time and time again of being turned against, Bloodeye abandoned her new found home.

A year later she came to another place that reminded her of her first home, and she settled in yet again to reign over claimed lands. Once more she found loyal members, but once more she was plagued by traitors. She had accepted Xain into her pack, befriending him and trusting him; yet, he turned on her, wishing to burn her alive. He brought fire to the land, trying to trap her within the blaze. Though she had intended to defend herself and escape, she was lucky that Blizzard Destruction had interfered, for he basically saved her life. Xain was exiled, and she took a great interest in her 'hero'. She allowed him to breed with her, only to find that he disappeared before the whelps' birth. Disappointed but not surprised, she birthed the pups and raised them. One of her close and loyal packmates named her son, Ehrgeiz, while she named her daughter after the sister she had murdered, Blackeye. Earth Shine came into her life as the pups grew, and he loved both of the pups dearly, and they loved him back. Though he had bothered her initially, she came to grow used to his constant presence, and began to grow dependent upon it.

She became somewhat distraught when he disappeared, but she did her best not to show it and continued leading her pack. Although, her reign was to become short-lived as an unknown threat struck her pack, leaving herself and many of the pack violated, dead, or both. Upon awaking with little energy or strength, she found many bodies of the comrades she'd come to like, a very disturbing scene for her. For several hours it felt like a nightmare, until her strength and energy were replenished, at which time she began to realize she was within reality. Some of the wolves she knew were never found, though their lively scents still lingered - this included both of her children. All she can do is hope that they are still alive, though she has seen no sign of them since the incident.

Since, Bloodeye has come to the lands of FnI, and joined a pack under the rule of Damean Jager. She has been through ups and downs as she adjusts to subordination, including many plots and strong desires to overthrow the pack's power and take it for herself.

Mate: She has been through several males, having mated with two of them, but none that have ever stuck by her. She has also been betrayed and abandoned by some that she had been rather attached to. Thus, she is now more distant, with a harsh exterior that keeps others from getting too close. There is just one male she desires now, but she is unsure if she will ever call him her mate.
Pups: Blackeye and Ehrgeiz (Blizzard Destruction).
Vincent, Noxus and Flare (Mystery Male).

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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