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 Looking for someone!

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PostSubject: Looking for someone!   Looking for someone! Icon_minitimeFri Oct 12, 2012 4:19 pm

Hey there, I'm looking for someone to play Within Temptation (or just "Temptation"), Evon and Epica's sister. Starrlight used to play her, but Starr's no longer here. I would really like it if I could get the trio of bad sisters going again. For those of you that aren't familiar with her, here's some background and information:

- Personality: Bubbly and flirtatious. She'll hide any negative emotions beneath a happy smile. She seems like she doesn't belong with Evon or Epica, because she contrasts their seriousness so well. She's kind of like Harley Quinn, but less malevolent, I'd say. She's very in-tune with those around her, especially her sisters. She can tell without having to ask them what their feeling, and trusts in their judgement whole-heartedly. You could say that she's more neutral-bound than dark-bound, but because of the blood on her paws, she knows she's not a pure wolf, though she might act like it. During a fight, she's very light on her feet and playful, as if all of it was a game. However, do not let this fool you, as she, like her sisters, can kill. Another aspect of her is that she's also known as a bit of a whore, but she doesn't always sleep with the male she's interested in. Her sisters call her a whore, when really she's more of a teenage girl that likes to write her crush's name all over her notebooks and drool over him in class. She's immature, which also contrasts Evon and Epica, but she can provide overlooked insight when given the chance.

-Role: In the Lacrimosa pack, she was a Scout. While Evon was trained as an Assassin and Epica as an Herbalist, Temptation was selected for her ability to notice details, and recognize their origins. A Scout is considered a weaker role in comparison to an Assassin or an Herbalist, since it did not deal with confrontation directly, nor do much in a fight. However, it was still a necessary role in the pack. Lacrimosa could not move forward and claim territory without them. If this was a game of chess, and Evon and Epica the Knight and the Bishop, then Tempation would be the Pawn, moving across the board while still making strategic movements, her goal to reach the other side to assist the rest of the pieces. However, when matched against her sisters, she will normally lose. She is much more submissive than they, given their higher status.

-Appearance: She is gifted with a pure white coat, like Evon, and honey-colored eyes, like Epica. She is small and slender, and is probably the most attractive of the trio, hence why many a male will swoon over her, and she in return. If the situation were to occur, Temptation is the most likely to bear children, given her very feminine frame and personality.

Anyways. For those of you that don't know, Lacrimosa was once a very deadly pack, whose location remains a secret amongst its members. They were like an army, taking their ranks to the strictest of degrees and their skills to the maximum. Throw in family loyalty and pride for your pack, and you have an unstoppable force. This is why Evon, Epica, and Temptation draw on what they learned growing up for many of their decisions and actions.

However, there was a shift in power balance within the tight constraints of the pack, and the pack ended up tearing itself apart. Evon, Epica, and Temptation were not present at the time the wolves slaughtered each other, for the Alpha (also their father), Nightwish, banished them for failing to capture and kill Lacuna Coil and Manheim (their mother and brother), never mind the fact that both are currently dead, both due to Evon's fangs. Evon returned to the lands and discovered this. Given that she was the Heir to the pack and her strong loyalty to the Lacrimosa ways, she believes that despite what happened and the way her father betrayed her, the pack lives on, as such why she leads it now, and continues to carry out its malicious intents. Her area of focus tends to be the packs of Fire and Ice.

So. I am looking for a reliable player that is capable of processing all of this information and using it to play a very well, very thought-out character. If you need to know more, you can also ask Kippy for advice (since she plays Epica), or take a look at this page to learn more about Lacrimosa and Evon.
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Looking for someone!
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