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Located here

This is the partly lost history of Midnight Meadows,
and may the wolves of the pack remember it to pass down to the future generations:

The first title of these lands was Sapphire Streams,
guarded over by Cyrus. After some time, he stepped down, to be replaced by the
alphess Teca. She later ran off with her mate, never to be seen again. Soon
enough, another stepped up, renaming this territory Avithine Lotric.

Without storytellers, history has buried the deeds and
actions of these wolves and the names of other leaders who had risen to the
ranks of alpha until the recent past when Moonlight stepped up. After her
death, Zelda burdened the title of alphess, managing the pack. A wolf, Rodion, later
came to the lands, taking the burden off her shoulders. Not too long after, he secretly
left, having been summoned to aid in a family situation and remained away to
restore peace.

Zelda found herself needing to reclaim the title temporarily,
although she never quite wanted the position in the first place. Fortunately
and unfortunately, this was a short arrangement. An old enemy from Zelda and
Link’s past resurfaced, to separate the siblings for his own purposes. Rodion
came back as Balthier had to unbury a part of his past to aid his endeavors to
drive Ganondorf out of the lands, away from the brother and sister duo.


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These lands
aren’t as wooded as the other pack lands, but some trees and large shrubs are
found here and there. The beautiful view in all seasons and times of day makes
up for the lack of thick shade.

Greek’s Plains

of the neighboring mountains belonging to Muerta Mountains, an alluvial plain
formed here long before any wolves showed up to claim territory. The river from
the mountains had been brought here, but turns westward, depositing water into Moonlight
Crevasse where it presumably keeps flowing somewhere, and eastward, where no
one knows where the water goes from there.

Rodion’s Fields ((note: not Silent Fields))

was some mention in the pack ideas to locate a seasonal den site in this grass
only location. It’s one of the best places in the lands to watch the sunset and
how the lingering rays would touch the grass. At night, it’s the ideal place to
star gaze with no nothing at all to block the view.

Moonlight Crevasse

was an earthquake powerful enough to split the earth, creating this crevasse.
Wolves are advised to take caution near it, and younger wolves are normally
forbidden to go near. No one had ventured down to see where it led, or if the
crack continued underneath the surface of the earth. The wolves have long since
assumed so, since the water that trickles in hasn’t flooded ever since the
crevasse was formed.

Zelda’s Circle

This is a
quiet area where Zelda would summon her pack while she ruled. Eventually the
pack would gather here naturally wherever she called, knowing she’d arrive here
herself soon enough.

Cyrus Dens

The den site
of the pack. The densest populations of trees in the pack lands are here, which
isn’t all that dense at all when comparing with other lands’, but certainly
more than the lone lands.

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Pack Information
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