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 Nymaway La'Fae

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PostSubject: Nymaway La'Fae   Sat Feb 09, 2013 5:33 pm

General Information
Formal Name: Nymaway La'Fae
Alias/Nickname: Nyma or Nym
Breed: Timber Wolf
Age: 3 years
Sex: Female
Personality: Nym is very tough and rough around the edges. She was raised to be a killer, but she isn't one. She has a temper that is horrible. You push her buttons and things could turn ugly fast.

Physical Traits
Coat Color: Black and brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 30 inches
Weight: 101 pnds
Body Form: stocky

Family Tree
Partner: n/a
Whelps: n/a
Challengers: n/a
Followers: n/a
Pack Rank: n/a
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Nymaway La'Fae
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