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PostSubject: SKOV DYNASTY   Sat Apr 27, 2013 12:35 am

The Earth was torn asunder by an explosion from within its core and broke into four separate pieces. Humanity was all but erased from existence, but on one of those four pieces the humans that did survive woke up from their too real nightmare, not as humans, but as wolves. Only those deemed worthy by mother nature did not suffer in agony nor death and instead became the wolves of Skov Dynasty and rejoined their wild brethren whom had been wolves all along.

What if one night you went to sleep and the next you woke up a wolf? What would your goal be? To turn back into a human, or to live your life as a wolf? And what if there was no way to turn back into a human? This is where the Skov Dynasty comes in.

Skov is thought to be the creator of all, for Skov is a forest which surrounds the land that humans have not yet discovered. And it is only in Skov where humans turned into wolves are welcomed with open ar- paws.

While Skov is naught but an entity that may or may not exist, the land is called Skov and the time-frame on the land is known as Skov Dynasty. It is believed that the entity known as Skov, somehow managed to protect the lives and the forest so that not all of life from Earth was forever erased from existence.

Yet this is not all that mother nature has in store for the wolves of Skov Dynasty, for their offspring and other descendants will bring about new and unimaginable wolf species that one might only find in myths and fairy tales. That is, if the human turned wolves of Skov choose to except their fate and live as mother nature now intends them to.

Not yet open ~ This is only the premise. Before I open I'm going to be looking for a couple helpers (global mod, mod and maybe a co-founder or two)

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