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 Feed the blood thirsty.

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Feed the blood thirsty. Empty
PostSubject: Feed the blood thirsty.   Feed the blood thirsty. Icon_minitimeFri May 10, 2013 11:55 am

Name: Lyra Klyctic
Breed: Indian X himalian
Age: yearling.
Sex: Female
Family: unkown.
she is very very very vulgar. manipulative. impulsive. snapping and crushing your soul with one touch if she wanted to this is why she chose the pathway as a rogue. she can be moral and will do what ever a wolf desires with items or even wolves in return. yet the items or canis she would ask for in return are those no such of nice kinds they are impulsive and unethical this is why mostly packs look at her as a last resort guaranteed in success. her brutal morbid lifestyle was triggered by her past raped and beaten nothing can be changed like steel not to be altered- just renaming as a slithering element never destroyed. as she will seduce any man she encounters with their willing employment- flooding the earth with her genes. unable to get rid of her blood line. yet she has the mental disorder of bi-polar one wrong move and she will slash your flesh open draining your blood from the inner been you will soon fully desire you do not wish to be. the gentle petal apparent is nothing to her deep soul- so dark she was stolen from hell to be the anti-Christ on land. causing a quarantine of anything that would manipulate her not giving a fuck if she loses a battle you will die with no hesitation a method would be conceived. she is a rebel. not helping her ways, only her family and loved ones are able to see the soft center she can be yet they often agree that she can be nasty and burning, having no sympathy running over the rouges with a fist of steel if they dare to question what she says. even her children would be treated the same their only privilege is her genes they would possess purely incest built up from the perfect genes they was meant too be built for. the sleek frame in a perfect feminine devouring shape- breast plump seeping from her chest- small yet the ruthless muscles hidden whiten the limbs would imply. long and slender once touching the habitat they would scream to be released. her innocence obvious looking the same a a sun flower the well crafted facade pure ivory- whilst the round voids remain a jet black tone only they eye lashes flush o even give the slightest hint she has a actual being. their tone so deep and fearful it would rattle a wolf in their own prison. far from harmless- flowing like a river destructive of whatever she wants peaceful- and tropical to whatever pleased her a women of ambling pulling the tricks easily out of the way- the pure criminal mastermind.
her fur made from the lighted chocolate from a shallow stand strong blinding those who dare to look upon the mortal constitution in has been created- a gift from the god itself- perfectly healthy and tripped- clean and blossoming the scent of roses. a deep brown towards the under stomach- yet her structure of the base was more eternal the tones her coat was like the veil rippling with the winds dancing on end exotically with seduction. the basic frame was the slender rib cage- elasticity with the slight dimple on her cheeks of a rose curves and flexible- blossoming a unearthly Essene was magnificent beauty whilst the banner would be unusually long just flexing around in its own direction it would desire.

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Feed the blood thirsty.
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