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 Photo Studio Rules and Request Forms

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Photo Studio Rules and Request Forms Empty
PostSubject: Photo Studio Rules and Request Forms   Photo Studio Rules and Request Forms Icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 5:33 pm

Photo Studio Rules

Please be polite.
Do not badger the designers.
These are open requests. You do not choose the designer. The designer chooses you.
If you are unhappy with your picture, please discuss with the designer and politely tell them what is wrong.
No nudity of any kind.
Do not steal copyrighted artwork without permission.
Please provide a source for all images.
Unless you have proof of consent, no artwork is allowed.
Follow the form below to request a design.
Do not post multiple request at one time. The Maximum is 2. When those are complete you may request more.
If you are interested in becoming a designer, please either PM management or post over on the Management Board.

Photo Studio Request Form
Name of Character:
Picture(s) of Character (including source links):
Background Picture(s):

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Photo Studio Rules and Request Forms
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