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 93 million miles

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PostSubject: 93 million miles   Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:06 pm

OOC: Keeping open for Otso :)

Beneath a sky of painted reds and above an earth of dusty brown, the timber wolf pushed onward in the empty desert wasteland. He paused once to look over his shoulder at the tiny peaks of Muerta Mountains, where he had left his most frequent companion to search for a life on his own. Leto wondered how Hades would fare, but only momentarily. The hessian had a natural thirst for chaos and thrills. As for himself? He preferred to find an order in the messiness that was life. Instead of dwelling too long there, he looked to the sky, where he knew that the gods were ever watching, safekeeping him from his journey. The sun was setting and the clouds were crimson, and the sands that had once been whipping around him turned to flatness and limestone. Seeing this beneath his feet, it astonished him how there had once been a river here, flowing down from the tall mountains that were now behind him. He couldn't help but wonder what had made this desert... and he wondered, even further, what had been here before.

The lands of Fire and Ice intrigued him, but it was not enough to pull him into any pack. As much as he adhered to order, he despised it as well. He was not to become a mindless soldier nor an ignorant slave... His previous pack life had taught him to seek out the calm order of solitude. Despite that, he couldn't help but want to serve a purpose to others, show them the way, and teach them what could not be taught in a pack. It was this drive that pushed him onward through the desert; not thirst, not hunger, for he fasted until he would find his next wanderer, lost. His philosophy was his survival.
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PostSubject: Re: 93 million miles   Sat Nov 30, 2013 12:29 pm

((oh my gosh, you're too amazing at this haha. I'll be posting hopefully soon. Just stuff and stuff you know?))
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93 million miles
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